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10 series that Sony should recall on PlayStation 5

The fact that another Sony console has backwards compatibility can be considered practically secure. However, we do not know how far it will take, but it is believed that its reach will be limited to the current generation. What does this mean for us players? The longing for old titles that have made a big impression and that you get to know them best, continues when you buy an older console. Of course, there is the second way, which depends very much on the publisher and the vote of the recipients – of course, with the help of their wallets .

I mean …

… all kinds of remasters, remakes and sequels of old titles. When demand increases, the offer appears alongside ̵

1; the basic principle of entrepreneurship that also works in the gambling industry. While the former (remaster) are usually treated by society as a "cash jump", the latter (well done) and the third are accepted with open arms. You do not have to go back to antiquity to find examples. It would be sufficient to quote here the reviews collected by Resident Evil 2 (2019), Spyro Reignited Trilogy (19459004) or Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (19459004).

We grabbed all these titles and are still excited. The tendency of the artists' growing desire to "revive" their earlier brands can be seen with the naked eye. Unfortunately, there are so many breathtaking series that it is difficult to say when and if we will see such an operation on the entire, extensive list . Which titles should Sony consider as fast as possible? The answer to this question can be found in the text. This is just part of anyone who could easily be here. We wait and calculate with your suggestions in the comments. Write which brands should be revived in the next generation !


If you do not assign the title itself, there's a whole bunch of video games with quizzes behind it. In the productions, all participants compete in a fictitious TV show (usually with special remote controls called "Buzzers"). As you can imagine, the winner wins the most points after answering a series of questions.

The biggest flowering of the series is due to the era of PlayStation 2. 9 games from the series have already been released on this popular platform (including ). Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, Buzz! The BIG Quiz or native Buzz !: Polish Riddles ). The titles also appeared on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. The final title, Buzz !: Quiz World premiered in October 2009 and although it did not bring much innovation, it was received very positively. [19659004] Given that it has been a decade without another part and no remaster has been released on PlayStation 4, it is not surprising that the community expects the brand to revive on the upcoming console. After all, it's great fun for the whole family and at the same time great for parties with friends . Nowadays, the potential could be even greater, as universal and easy access to the Internet could provide further packages of questions in the form of paid or free DLC.

Twisted Metal

I must admit that I never had the opportunity to play the first part of the series on PlayStation. At least I did not realize it. The game debuted before I was born, so we're talking about a pretty old production – in my view.

In a nutshell, "vehicle duels" were a fundamental part of the game. We were able to take the wheel of one of the available armored cars and then fight each other in violent clashes in large arenas . All this in psychedelic climates that recall films from the series " Piła ", complemented by heavy metal music.

The project was released in 2012 in a revised version on the PlayStation 3 console and did not receive the worst ratings. Reviewers accused the production, however, they do not have as blunt a climate as the original. Now that we are about to start the new generation, it seems to be the perfect moment to bring the brand back to life . What's not to say, something is missing in PlayStation today. Every one of us sometimes has to get in a car stuffed with a gun and kick others.

The Getaway

Is there anyone who had no contact as the owner of PlayStation 2? this title? I dare to doubt you must have heard of it! His debut was in December 2002 exclusively on the above console. In this game we played the role of one of the two heroes who made numerous missions in London at that time .

What marked The Getaway ? Huge freedom of action, which was far ahead of their time. The project was to be the answer to Grand Theft Auto III and, like the cult series, provided a gangster atmosphere in an open, interesting world. This was enough to be successful, resulting in the release of the sequel with the graceful subtitle Black Monday . He also received positive reviews.

15 years have passed since then, and a decade ago there was a loud talk about work on the third installment, which was due to be released on PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, the fans were informed after some time that everything was canceled and then called "suspended". And so until today – silence . So it seems worth considering after a break of two generations to continue such a well-deserved cycle – or, as well, to renew both previous games. And adapt it to modern times.

Siphon Filter

This title is a perfect reminder of the time of the first PlayStation. It was also premiered at that time. The third production of stock, which debuted in 1999 and was fairly quickly celebrated as a hit as it combined, according to many elements of other, larger games such as Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid .

Siphon Filter has three full-fledged sequels, the last of which has already been released on PlayStation 2. After the launch of PlayStation Portable Sony could not do without its new device without such an iconic title . So there were two that were advertised for this console as intended (though both also appeared on PlayStation 2) – Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow .

When PlayStation 3 hit the market, developers decided to brush up on the earlier adventures of a secret agent, and in 2007 new editions of cult titles were released. Interestingly enough, in they also appeared on Android devices in 2011 and on PlayStation Vita a year later. It's high time that Gabe Logan returns from retirement.

Cool Boarders

Things from the SSX series are great and it's hard to argue here, but you still remember another snowboarding game that debuted ? Cool Boarders is a series that mainly appeared on "Szarak" .

The first part appeared in Europe in January 1997 and both the second and the third in 1998. For the fourth full edition the fans had to wait until 2000. Some time later, the last one was released – Cool Boarders 2001 and after a few months it was moved to the innovative console of that time, namely PlayStation 2.

I realize that there may be voices that actually the SSX series quite well and it makes no sense to add another title to this winter sports niche . On the one hand, it is true, but not much, it can bring you as much satisfaction as we can find on gentle slopes on snowy slopes.

I'm sure the opportunity to tour these routes again, but this time in the technology of the upcoming consoles, is something from which we would absolutely benefit [alle] !

The Legend of Dragoon

Although this title has been somewhat forgotten, it is still a good RPG. Inspired by the Final Fantasy series, this game was released on the PlayStation console in 2000 and was hugely popular with fans of the genre who particularly appreciated the original and highly thought-out Battle System .

The main character is a young man, Dart Feld who sets out to rescue his childhood friend. This was hijacked by mysterious assailants who attacked the village in the years our character grew up …

And when I started with the theme of this game – although the title was already forgotten – it's worth it definitely to revive it . The coming months are for fans of the genre, which is dominated by the completely restored version of the seventh part of Final Fantasy. So, this is a great moment to try again to release a game that can compete with the well-known brand .

Celestial Sword

This title is definitely the youngest in the entire cluster. The game created by Ninja Theory was released in 2007 on the PlayStation 3 platform and was relatively late (compared to the others) as it was more than a decade ago and players are still looking for information on the Continue to wait.

In this project we played the heroine Nariko whose characteristic feature was blood red hair. In her skin, driven by revenge, we take revenge on the murderers of our loved ones.

Heavenly Sword had a great fighting mechanic that still performs well today . It seems that after a whole generation of pauses, it's worth returning to this title – especially considering how well received is Devil May Cry 5 . I'm convinced that the remake (or even possible remaster) of the game could convince the creators that fans are still waiting for the story to continue.


A hero whose name has received a wealth of productions (not once with Daxter) has become an icon of the early 21st century – and this to an extent comparable to purple Spyro and Jamraja crash . He appeared for the first time in 2001 in the play Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and then in several others.

The last project in which he starred was released in 2009, so 10 years ago. We all remember how enormously successful it was to refresh the adventures of Ratchet & Clank, and probably no one doubts that would be like a pair with Jak and possibly Daxter .

It is worth noting that the nature of the games, whose hero was the character in question, fits in perfectly with what players expect today. Many polls and discussions emphasize that they lacked casual games such as Spyro Reignited Trilogy and the already mentioned Ratchet & Clank .


When SOCOM: United States Navy SEALs debuted in 2002 and was groundbreaking. He Offered Great Tactical Shooting which, along with being able to play online on PlayStation 2 and voice chat, led many to consider this title a "Counter Strike" for consoles. A big success meant that subsequent parts were spilled .

The last, fourth in the main series, was released on PlayStation 3 in 2011. It still offered many modes, and the most important one was still the multiplayer mode, but we already had a time when Call of Duty and Battlefield were bolder.

One thing can be said with great conviction: The brand strength is still enormous . With a good advertising campaign and, above all, a high level of gameplay, PlayStation players could get something to wait for in large numbers.


The second consecutive FPP on this list and another in which fans of cooperative shootings heartily recall. The series consists of four games from which you can distinguish the original trilogy released on PlayStation 3 and a part made entirely from PlayStation Vita – Resistance: Burning Skies – whose action is between the first and the second second takes place cycle release.

It is worth noting that Resistance was attributed to highly respected creators of the studio Insomniac Games which Sony had purchased just a few weeks ago. This is a good omen for the next generation, and players are already sharpening their teeth to invade back into the skin of Nathan Hale or at least Joseph Capelli .

Let us agree, both the fifth edition and the complete refreshment of the cycle, would be a great gift for PlayStation's next generation users . Who knows, maybe after a few years we will be confronted again with Space Invaders?

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