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Andrzej Duda on the possible purchase of F-35 fighters: I ask you all for calm

During his visit to the US, the president was questioned about the critical voices in Poland regarding the possible purchase of these aircraft. He has determined that the transaction is in the initial phase. – All these agreements are only open, in many cases there are no negotiations at all, no prices, no detailed conditions, so I ask all who ask for silence, I ask you for a quiet approach to it – said Andrzej Duda.

– We negotiate with great caution and keep reminding ourselves to preserve and realize as much as possible the interests of Poland and Poland – the President told the United States a request for an offer to buy F-35 , The American response is prepared and submitted by the Pentagon together with the State Department. Then it has to be accepted by the congress. According to Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, there will be no problem.

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The price of F-35 is steadily falling

F-35. These are single-seat single-engine multi-purpose fighters of the latest fifth generation. How much can Poland cost the purchase of 32 such machines? According to Maciej Szopa of the industry portal Defense24.pl, the price of the F-35 (due to increasing production volume, among others) is constantly decreasing and, according to the latest information, can drop to as much as $ 70 million. ̵

1; In the past it seemed to be at least 80 million dollars. So that's good news for Poland – says the expert billion PLN). The shed, however, indicates that the purchase price of the F-35, including the cost of its armament, equipment for service, infrastructure, training, etc., may be twice as high. It can therefore be assumed that the costs amount to approximately PLN 17 billion. – Poland as an equal country always buys all "packages" – explains Szopa.

Probably billions of zloty must be spent immediately. Then of course the exploitation of the F-35 will be expensive.

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