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Angelina Jolie took her three daughters – Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne – with her and went shopping at Target.

Angelina Jolie raises her six children on her own terms. actress She did not send her children to “normal” schools, provided them with home education, assisted by the natural acquisition of knowledge of the world during numerous trips and trips.

Though Jolie’s kids don’t go to school, mom tries not to keep them under a shed. The older they are, the more often they can be seen with their mother while running errands in town or shopping. Ex wife Brad Pitt She often takes her youngest daughter to the pet store where she is shopping Vivienne, the pet owner, supplies the necessary products. Jolie also visits bookstores and restaurants with her children. Common trips are often documented by paparazzi.

The actress recently went with three of her daughters – Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, Vivienne, 12 for shopping in a popular chain store. The actress was looking for toys on the shelves. Both she and all of her daughters showed up in the store wearing masks covering their faces.

See “ordinary” Angelina Jolie wandering the toy department.


That’s what “Gwiazda” does. Humility about everything. He can adapt the outfit to the situation, not like local stars in a grocery store made of tulle and glitter.

Where could Rozenek … 🤣

Rozenek, watch and learn! 😂😂😂


Shock and disbelief. The man in the shop.

She, too, is a man who wants to go to the store to go shopping. Unfortunately, people don’t understand and follow her with a camera. Incredible case – Angelina Jolie goes shopping and buys puzzles. People: /

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And suddenly it turns out that Shiloh is wearing a skirt, has long hair and has not turned into a friend at all. It has just matured and in a few years it may surprise with its beauty and grace.

She is wonderful!! So normal, shopping at Target, normal clothes, normal dressed children, not weird. I am full of appreciation!

How can you walk through the store and take pictures?

They all look homeless. And girls have rickety legs too. You can see this pure exercise or excessive movement.

You’ve beaten so many stupid things about this eldest biological daughter that she thinks she was a boy that she changed her name to a man, and here you are, a normal girl – you may or have already seen her previous stupidities even invented because many girls want to be a boy in their childhood and it usually passes to everyone unscathed.

So Shilo isn’t a boy after all? If she were a declared transgender woman, hormone treatment in states of early puberty could be done before any visible signs of biological sex appear. If he is 15 years old and looks like a girl there has been no disturbance and it’s probably not because of his parents’ belief system.


What a beautiful people, I envy, Gene, no steak on earth

What’s on her mask? What is this brand? Karl? I’ll have to duck right away, give me a hint.

Comparison of the world of America and Poland !! Spread the bun and write how you know the life of celebrities. There are no humble people there. It is rather tiredness and success that make such a slack possible.

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Sorry, but what is wrong with someone who takes care of themselves becomes our Polish, neat Grażyna as ordinary, gray Angelina!

Great, Shiloh is already growing Italian, there will be clothes soon, guys want to like them. She will be a normal girl, however, the tomboy phase is over.

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