Grossglockner in the Austrian Tyrol
/ Photo pixabay /

Three men between the ages of 32 and 38 and one Thirty-five-year-old women were struck by lightning on Saturday around 9:30 pm They were standing on a steel railing line 100 meters below sea level of 3454 M. Hostels Archduke Johannes (Erzherzog-Johann-Huette) Two of these people lost consciousness for some time. 19659006] The injured man alerted the mountain rescue service, but could not intervene immediately because of the raging storm.These rescuers in Erzherzog-Johann-Huette arrived at the scene of the accident as the Elemen I calmed down.

The injured tourists stayed at the shelter and were evacuated from there on Sunday. They were taken to the hospital for research

. Archduke John is at 3798 meters at the easiest access road. Grossglockner.