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Baby shower by Joanna Krupa – gender of the child. Who came up? Kosel, Jabłczyńska, Rooyens

Joanna Krupa will soon be a mother! Recently, the presenter of the program is Top Model in the US, where friends have already given her a party in honor of the child. However, the model decided that she wanted to share her happiness with all her loved ones, especially those who had no opportunity to attend the first baby shower. Recently, she had the opportunity to meet with Edyta Górniak, and now she organized a baby shower in Poland. Who came up? Convince yourself.

Baby shower by Joanna Krupa in Los Angeles

Joanna Krupa decided to organize three parties for her loved ones! At the first baby shower, she played in the company of her friends in Los Angeles.

  Joanna Krupa, baby shower Joanna Krupa in Los Angeles

Photo. Read Angeles / SplashNews.com/East News

The second ceremony will be in Chicago. Only family members and close friends can be invited. As for the third party, the model had the idea of ​​meeting friends in Warsaw. Speculation about a baby shower in Chicago was triggered by a photo that the model published on her Instagram. In the photo he poses with Edyta Górniak.

It turns out that the ladies are friends for many years although they rarely see each other. No wonder the singer received an invitation to meet her loved ones in Chicago. "We're in touch, I've got an invitation to a baby shower, I do not know if I can, but it's very charming that I'm somewhere in the family relationship, I miss her so much and I'm so happy that I'm really happy with my whole heart ", the artist admitted in an interview with the portal Fact .

Joanna Krupa's Baby Shower in Warsaw

Friends recently met in Chicago, but it is not known if it was a baby shower TVN stars. Joanna Krupa has just posted a charming photo on her Instagram She also announced that she is 29 weeks pregnant and in a few weeks her It's no wonder it's time for another baby shower, this time Joanna Krupa sent her to a restaurant in Warsaw with a group of relatives.

The garden around the restaurant was decorated with colorful ribbons and accessories reminding that the star of the party is not only the future mother, but also her child. However, the model did not opt ​​for a decor in a color that could give insight into the gender of their child. So Joanna Krupa wore neither pink nor blue. She presented herself in a beautiful, snow-white creation that perfectly emphasized her pregnancy curves.

Interestingly, the model apparently does not yet know the gender of the offspring. The star, as she confessed in an interview with Good Morning TVN will soon find out what gender her first offspring will be. We still have to wait patiently for Joanna Krupa to share this news with the fans and in the meantime see what her baby-shwoer looks like in Warsaw. Among the guests were Joanna Jabłczyńska, Rinke Rooyens, Jakob Kosel and Anna Puślecka.

  baby shower Joanna Krupa

photo. Instagram

  Baby shower Joanna Krupa

Photo. Instagram

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