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Beach under water, ferries suspended. The peak wave is approaching

On the one hand problems with the construction of the south bridge, now also the suspension of ferries. It is the effects of a tidal wave that reaches Warsaw. According to forecasts, next week it will be close to the alarm threshold.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has provided up-to-date information on the state of the water in the river. The water level on the boulevards is over 330 centimeters

– The beach near the Poniatowski Bridge was already under water. The water has now been rescued from the water polo field, but is already being mined ̵

1; Mateusz Szmelter, a reporter at tvnwarszawa.pl, reported on Sunday around 1pm.

The IMGW forecasts that the water level will rise to 470 centimeters on Monday and reach a warning level of six meters on Tuesday.

Almost an alarm condition.

This is not over yet. For Wednesday, the IMGW forecasts a further increase – this time smaller: up to 640 centimeters. This means that it is approaching the alarm threshold of 6.5 meters

. The Board of Urban Transport reports on problems with the tidal wave. "Due to the increasing water level on the Vistula caused by the impending tidal wave, the Warsaw Tourist Lines ferry services were canceled today" – ZTM said on Sunday

It is exactly four that connect the Vistula banks

Already on Friday We informed about the evacuation of the construction of the south bridge between Ursynów and Wawer. The contractor protects the materials that the river could absorb.

The Town Hall argued on Friday that it was prepared for a wave – it has 260,000 sacks and geotextiles as well as sand supplies, if required. [19659009] The worst in southern Poland

The largest tidal waves will occur in southern Poland in the Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie and Podkarpackie provinces – the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management announced on Friday

On the border of the voivodships Śląskie and Małopolskie was the first tidal wave due to the movement of rainwater from the Mała Wisła and Przemsza catchment areas. The alarm conditions were exceeded at the Mała Wisła to the water level indicator Bieruń Nowy. On Friday morning there was a high point of a tidal wave. In the following hours, the second tidal wave ran down the river

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