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Beata Kempa wrote to Agnieszka Pomaska. Analysis of the letter on Twitter

"Dobra Zmiana is a group reporting on Poland, which is paralyzed with Poland," commented a Twitter user as Stefan Skrupulny. He carried out an analysis of the letter that Minister Beata Kempa sent to PO Agnieszka Pomaska. As everyone focused on the arrogant content of the letter, he pointed out that the punctuation of Beata Kempie did not affect the writing at all.

Agnieszka Pomaska ​​asked Beata Kempa if she would return 65,000. For her work in 2017 she received prizes from Beata Szydło. The former Prime Minister, now Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, told the Civic Platform deputy that she … did not answer.

Beata Kempa
promised that she would answer if she received an analogous response to the awards granted during the PO-PSL coalition government. "Arrogance Minister Kempy is shocking" – said on Twitter Agnieszka Pomaska ​​ publishing a letter and reminding that before the "good change" the awards in the government in the monthly system were not granted.

In terms of benefits, that's it. The content is the most important. But shape is important too. And from this perspective, Beata Kempy's letter was analyzed by a Twitter user who introduced himself as Stefan Skrupulny. The document was full of comments and underlines.

And that's not all – one of the mistakes was noticed a little later. "I'm sorry to admit that I did not notice another mistake in the letter from Council of Ministers' Ministerial Member Beata Kempy: instead of" contraindications ", the Minister has kindly written" Contraindications. "Author of the analysis.

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