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Beata Szydło attacks the European Commission and asks for “desecration of Polish symbols”

“The presented lighting is a desecration of the Polish national colors and serves to reproduce fake news (original spelling) about Poland as a homophobic country and the so-called LGBT-free zones, which do not exist in the Polish legal system” – he wrote in his interpellation Witold Waszczykowski also asked the Commission who would allow such lighting.

I encourage other MPs to sign the interpellation – Szydło wrote on Twitter. At the same time, the European Commission answered Waszczykowski’s questions via this website.

“It was not the European Commission that organized the lighting for the Berlaymont building in Brussels. Nobody asked the European Commission for permission to display this image. Our information shows that the projection was being projected from a location outside the direct Control of the security of the building lies “- wrote the report of the commission.

On Tuesday evening, lights with slogans were shown on the facade of the European Commission building in Brussels calling on the EU institutions to take measures against the “homophonic campaign in Poland and in LBGT-free zones”

;. The campaign was organized by the Campaign Against Homophobia and the All-Out organization.

One element of the lighting was the Polish flag with the emblem on a rainbow background and the slogan “We are not an ideology, we are Polish citizens”.

PiS MPs wrote in an interpellation to the European Commission that, according to Article 28 of the Polish Constitution, the emblem of the Republic of Poland is the image of a white eagle with a crown in a red field, and the colors of Poland are white and red. “The emblem, colors and anthem of the Republic of Poland are protected by law” – they stated.

MEPs asked the European Commission, which agreed to illuminate the false Polish emblem, why the Commission is continuing the false narrative about Poland and whether it wants to apologize for the desecration of the Polish national emblem and colors.

Balazs Ujvari, spokesman for the European Commission, told PAP that the lighting came from a point outside the immediate protection area of ​​the KE building.

“In such cases, the security staff must ask the Belgian authorities for assistance as they cannot intervene in the Belgian public area (public road). Prior approval from the Commission is required if such projections are planned. In the present case, no prior approval was given requested.” Ujvari emphasized.

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