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Borderlands 3 – Game report. Was it worth the wait?

Borderlands 3 was supposed to be a crowning glory on the iconic and crazy shooting series. But has it turned out that the long-awaited "three" are more than just self-plagiarism? And that's exactly what our Borderlands 3 review answers!


Succulent, bloody spread known from previous parts;
new characters;
more complex system of heroic development than in earlier parts;
new climate planets for exploration and looting;
the next chapter of the border saga;
the return of famous heroes;
Graphics improved (and slightly improved) compared to previous views;
new, modifiable vehicles;
Weapons more interesting and better designed;
fixed many small defects that affected the repetition of the two


from the previous part (in many ways !!);
With the exception of FL4K, the rest of the characters are pretty clichéd.
Places with archaic aesthetics;
visible loss of liquidity when playing games on consoles and PCs;
Some minor technical errors

Well, we have Borderlands 3!

Who has been waiting knows how much excitement the release of the new version of Gearbox Software's legendary booty shooter can produce. After all, a number of shooters on treasure hunters from Pandora have not maintained a stable level at all. After the brilliant but imperfect Borderlands of 2009 (last updated as Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition), the daylight was sensational, Borderlands 2, which incidentally is still represented in more than one ranking. Games and top 1

0 of the best shooters) … But soon after, thanks to the average Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the brand rose rapidly.

And even if the fans of this shootout and myself were hard to say, what to expect from "three". Especially since this wait has taken up to 7 years (yes, yes, since the launch of Borderlands 2 – and no, Borderlands 2 VR is not counted). And as usual in such cases, the hopes associated with the third installment increased each month, and finally in 2019, after the first trailers of Borderlands 3 it became clear that reality would not keep up with me not only) my) wild fantasies .

Say what you want, but Borderlands 3 must have been disappointing. I want Gearbox Software's men to be able to fulfill all, even the most demanding, expectations of the fans. Well, no power! Nobody can handle such a "hype" . For many players, this disappointment is likely to be so great that they want to take the crown off the aging king of shootouts so the whole world will see he's a regular cheater. But would not that be a great exaggeration? It's not easy to judge Borderlands 3, but I'll still try to be fair.

Borderlands 3 or looking for new things

I honestly admit – the first impression that Borderlands 3 made on me was not the best one. Immediately after the launch of the campaign, I had a heavy Deja-Vu feeling . Starting from the menu and user interface elements and ending with the scenery and claptrap that introduce me to the arcana of the game (as in all previous sections).

There is no revolution, but progress – certainly!

It took me some time to notice the changes. And although most of them were cosmetic, they actually represent a new quality in compounding. Well, but you have to look a bit to notice them at all! Especially because some are more visible and others are extremely small.

Perhaps the most striking innovation is the tuned graphic which reuses the technology Cell Shading and it does not really do that badly. There is no revolution, but progress – certainly!

  Borderlands 3 - the beginning of the game

Second, I must mention the places. It is still the same cosmic junkyard as before, but a little less empty here than in earlier parts. Every street is lined with shredders, and each lodge is crammed with storage compartments containing ammunition, cash, and guns. Well, but it has to be emphasized once again that it is not God who knows what is going on about his predecessors. Interestingly, the biggest difference is the absolute – forgive the phrase – bullshit. Here for the first time in the history of the series, ammunition and money are automatically collected by our character . Are you going to say it's a detail? Yes, but considering how good it is from your opponents, it really spares you the trouble.

Especially if we add to this variety of enhancements, such as marking the places we've already visited, a quick ride off the map plane (without having to visit the designated points), the option of ammunition With a click to buy, a three-dimensional layout plan (so that you no longer have to wonder whether something is above or below us.) You must change the pursued task without going to the menu, climbing objects, etc.

  Borderlands 3 - Automatically Gathering Objects

At this point you are probably wondering where I am going to go and whether I know that Borderlands 3 has also introduced three new planets that you can visit. Sure, I'm aware of that, but I stop at those little changes, because without them I might not have reached any of the new worlds that Gearbox Software created

Some time ago I decided to remember Borderlands 2 and unfortunately many of these small flaws (which you do not even notice at the time of publication) could get tired within a few hours. That's why I need to begin this "exchange" of UI and mechanic changes to honor a cumbersome but reliable work by Gearbox Software staff which eliminates everything that could interfere with carefree rollover ,

You probably want to set up a completely new inventory menu, the control head, and other enhancements, but then – if something works, why change it?

  Borderlands 3 - an old friend, Rhys

Now that we have analyzed the details and details, we move on to "Meat". Four planets, four heroes and a variety of different guns – after all, Borderlands 3 wants to first conquer the hearts of fans.

Four Wonderful with Borderlands 3

I admit, when I started the adventure with Borderlands 3, I was lucky. I selected the most interesting hero from all series available in this episode. Of course we are talking about FL4K, a robot that steals the taming of the animal.

That's why he is always accompanied by one of three animals during the game – Dog Skag, Arachnid of Pandora and Brave Monkey. Interestingly enough, FL4K has not only one beast, but also three super abilities (only one of which can be active).

  Borderlands 3 - FL4K, during a Cooperative Game

Under these super abilities, we find summons of flying creatures that effectively complicate the lives of enemies, the ability to teleport the beast and combat it and to strengthen in the invisibility. In addition, the four-legged friends who accompany this hero can not only sip the blood of the opponents pretty well, but also pursue the treasure chest.

Unfortunately the rest of the characters are pretty pale in comparison to FL4K . Amara is a mermaid, so the magical-looking followers of Lilith and Maya from earlier parts. He is able to "grow" muscular arms with which he wraps his opponents, or to catch them in a spherical "cage".

Zane is a classic soldier whose skills include bringing shields, a flying combat drone and his hologram into play clones. Well, and maybe the D.Va is the Borderlands world that fights on foot or aboard their loyal Mecha.

  Borderlands 3 - invisibility   Borderlands 3 - Mr Chew

FL4Kiem, the rest of the classes looks very traditional. New to the Borderlands series, however, is the fact that each of them owns development trees that match certain super-abilities and reinforce them with passive abilities (which we can also activate in limited numbers), which significantly diversifies "leveling" (another small one) Plus for Gearbox)).

It should also be added that the Four of Borderlands 3 are finally heroes of flesh and blood and thus actively participate in dialogues, talking about interesting, personalized topics and not just growling like Salvador from "twos."

Given the personality of each character and his unique abilities, one can say that there is a wide choice. It is a pity that one choice is clearly better than the others.

  Borderlands 3 - Changeable Vehicles

So if you want something completely new, a real revolution, and the brand in your head, you'll be a "three," very, but very disappointed [19659010] What Borderlands 3, such a universe

We start the adventure with Borderlands 3 – without any surprises – on Pandora. And very well I admit that I have always considered the desert landscape from the first episode of the series to be the best for the atmosphere of the game. The later snow and moon fallow did not appeal to me. Borderlands 3 returns to its roots and gives us a pseudo-western start to the campaign.

There are of course later variations, because after a few hours of fun I had to leave the known planet and fly to other celestial bodies on board – converted into a spaceship – sanctuary.

Currently, Gearbox Software has prepared four planets (currently – because DLC is fast approaching). In addition to Pandora we have thus a technologically advanced and luminous skyscraper Prometheia the temple hidden in the mountains Athena and finally reminiscent of the American Louisiana . Eden-6 .

  Borderlands 3 - Prometheia

Each of these places has its own history and atmosphere. The latter is unfortunately only to be seen in the scenery, because each of the planets is just a kind of desert full of madness with dynamite.

Even Promethea, reminiscent of a combination of Los Angeles with Blade Runner and Coruscant from Star Wars, has been reduced to rubble by the makers of Borderlands 3 due to the war. Too bad, because you want to see this place as a fully functional metropolis. However, "civilized" conditions may not fit into the Borderlands 3 convention.

Either way, exploring new worlds can give you a lot of satisfaction. First, because in contrast to the previous parts the structure of the secondary tasks was slightly changed h. Developers no longer require us to collect (or at least not be so monotonous) little things on the whole map, or return to the same places over and over again. Even as I did all the tasks, including the minor tasks, I got the impression that the story was moving fast.

  Borderlands 3 - A Sniper View

While completing the description of the new places, I can not fail to mention a curiosity. Remember the big corporations making equipment in the Borderlands universe? Well, each of the planets is the seat of one of them. For example, if we like the Jacobs cannons (which I personally like), it's worth driving to Eden-6, as there are plenty of them.

And of course, another drive to frontier research – collecting equipment. I ran from place to place hunting for a new weapon. I could not resist this gathering since in Borderlands 3 Giwery are really finely honed . They offer an alternative recording mode, run on "spider paws" and look just incredibly cool.

Because you can not hide the fact that the Borderlands 3 Universe attracts many attractions. The procedurally generated billion-mosquito is a certainty when we talk about this series, but there are also heroes known from previous episodes, crazy tasks (have you ever tried to buy a hamburger in a beleaguered city? Exactly!) And the Main story in which we compete with creepy celebrity siblings for cosmic treasures.

But are all these "fireworks" enough to blur this unbearable impression of repetition, coupon cutting and resting on our laurels? I want to answer short and clear, but honesty does not allow me to do that. Instead, I have to say yes and no. It depends on.

  Borderlands 3 - Ellie

Borderlands 3 – is it worth buying?

Well – it depends. First and foremost, these damned expectations that each of us probably had on the Borderlands 3. So if you want something completely new, a real revolution and the brand in your head, you will be very "three", but it is very disappointing.

If you think that the second part of Borderlands is near perfect and you are just looking for another adventure without any major changes in concept or mechanics (without correction of flaws), it is worth giving Borderlands a 3rd chance to give.

Personally, I want to complain about Gearbox's strategy of pointing laziness at developers and No creativity, but … There's nothing to cheat on, I have a great time with Borderlands 3. The mind indicates flaws but the heart is happy with the virtues . And even though the "Three" are no longer the king of avant-garde solutions or even the King of the Prey Guns, he is for me the king of the damn crazy fun .

And for that I personally put a crown on the temples of Borderlands 3. Probably not gold, but maybe aluminum, painted pink, with the antenna on top – Borderlands 3 finally likes such a grotesque.

  Borderlands 3 - Klimapoints

Borderlands 3 – Final evaluation:

Overall rating:

90% 4,5 / 5

 Good product "src = "http://cdn.benchmark.pl/thumbs/uploads/markski/dobry-produkt.png/110x162x1.png" style = "width: 110px; Height: 162px; left margin: 2px; margin-right: 2px;

For this review, we received the Borderlands 3 game for free from its Polish distributor – Cenega S.A.

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