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The order fell victim to the moral panic Kaczynski created

The case of Tomasz Komenda rightly shocks public opinion. The young man fell victim to a two-man prosecutorial miscarriage of justice and spent several years in prison for an act he did not commit – a brutal murder and rape with a particular cruelty committed by the Miłoszyce deportees at the turn of 1996 and 1997 15 years allowed. The …

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PO deputy for the ministry and the making of rosaries

Marcin Kierwiński wanted to find out, among other things, how many of these materials (advertisements, sponsored articles, announcements, commercials) the Ministry purchased in 2018 in the following media in the Interpellation for the publication of paid materials by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology: Diary, "TV Trwam, Radio Maryja. " If the Ministry has published paid material in at least …

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Two dead seals with a bow at the neck and a brick on the beach found in Gdynia Oksywie. The prosecutor investigates the case

Update Times 18 – Everything indicates that human death has contributed to the seals – says kom. Krzysztof Kuśmierczyk a spokesman for the police of Gdynia. – We have entrusted the corpses of mammals of the marine station of the Institute of Oceanography at the University of Gdańsk in Hel for further research. The investigation was initiated in the direction …

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The judge of Suwałki will not be disciplinary

The disciplinary action was dismissed in the case of Judge Dominik Czeszkiewicz by the district court in Suwałki. It began after the judge acquitted the activists of the Democracy Defense Committee, who were held responsible for disrupting the exhibition on General Władysław Anders. The disciplinary decision is not final. One of the allegations made by the Disciplinary Commissioner was that …

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The Provincial Administrative Court overturned voiwoden's decisions regarding changes in the names of 12 streets in Warsaw, including ul. Lech Kaczyński – Samorząd – Gazeta Prawna

The other of the repealed orders concerned the change of street names: on January 17 at the Workers' Defense Committee, in St. Kulczyński on Ulma families, from St. Vronsky over Anna Walentynowicz, S. Bartosik over Grzegorz Przemyk, T. Duracz over Zbigniew Romaszewski, F. Bartoszek about Stanisław Pyjas, J. Wasilkowski about Wojciech Kilar, J. Szymczak about Emanuel Szafarczyk, from the service …

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Over 322 thousand zloty from the city for Saur Neptun Gdańsk

more video » Emergency discharge was completed on May 18 video : tvn24 19659006] The emergency discharge of sewage was on May 18 26.05 | The warning against bathing in Gdańsk Bay is canceled – said on Saturday the Pomeranian State Sanitary Inspector. Tests of collected water samples showed that it meets the hygienic requirements recommended for bathing areas. see …

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