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Charlie Riina or Ania Krosińska conquer the American market

Charlie left Poland when he was still a child. – I was born in Gliwice and speak fluent Polish. I am proud of my Polish heritage and cultivate Polish traditions. In addition, my grandparents and most of the family still live in Poland – admitted Ania Krosińska in an interview for one of the men's magazines.

The model and her family lived in Canada, where she was quickly celebrated as a wonderful child. At school she won chess competitions. Riina decided to use her potential and went into the criminology that ended her. But her writing was a different, more entertaining career.

It all started in 201

5, when Charlie threw a controversial photo into the network. Nothing, a beautiful woman posing in a white, wet, t-shirt on her body. The inscription on the blouse, however, refers to the terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo". Well, it started … The model has many success titles including Playmate of the Year, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Toronto or Miss Playboy Lingerie.

Her recent pictures are an obvious homage to the beginnings of her career. This time, the theme "wet T-shirt" was used by a mineral water maker. In the last session, Charlie bends on the beach, and the ocean waves moisten her attached shirt. For an ordinary observer, she can escape the bottle she holds in her hands. But is that a problem …

Sexy Polin knows no shame. On the contrary

Polka is a new star of "Playboy". Hot Photos

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