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CIP: St. teach. Jana Pawła II is still valid; it's worth it to draw from

Teaching Saint. John Paul II, the most prominent representative of Poland in the world, is still valid. It is worth quoting from it and reading his message in a personal, family and social context – said the speaker of the KEP, P. Paweł Rytel-Andrianik refers to the 13th anniversary of the death of the Pope in Poland, on the April 2 falls.

As the speaker of the Polish Pedagogical Committee emphasized, St. John Paul II persuaded millions of people around the world, not only because he was a charismatic pope, but above all his lifestyle and authentic testimony of faith and prayer.


1; His last years were particularly marked by the great suffering illnesses. The suffering Pope gave public witness to the Christian faith. People saw that it was authentic and natural, it made them listen to it. He was an inspiration to her in everyday life. The Holy Father suffered a lot and could not fulfill his mission as if he wanted it, but he also offered it as a sacrifice. You can say the sacred. John Paul II restored in the eyes of the world the meaning of the suffering experienced together with God. The great catechesis of death that he gave to the whole world was his dying. He went to his father's house as a man who would trust God completely and pray to the end, until the last moment of life. It was impossible to remain indifferent to such an attitude – said Father. Rytel-Andrianik

A spokesman for the Polish Socialist Church remarked that the pontificate of the saint. John Paul II was characterized by openness to youth. – Youth was particularly important to the Pope because he realized that in the future the boys will fulfill important tasks in society. The future does not depend only on you, but also on the world. That's why it was so important for him to bring young people to life according to Christian values. At the same time, he liked being in her company, he was young in spirit and he felt good among them. He has tried to understand the problems and challenges of young people and to answer them with their lessons. He did not omit everything he brought along with technological development; for example, he was the first Pope to e-mail an official document. He demanded the "depth of cyberspace", ie where young people now spend a lot of time – emphasized P. Rytel-Andrianik

According to the speaker of the KEP, Saint. John Paul II sought despite differences agreement, he demanded openness to other people, regardless of religion, beliefs, skin color. After all, he was the pope who met with Jews in the synagogue in Rome, something that had not happened for centuries. John Paul II Organized an interfaith meeting in Assisi. Dialogue was his basic tool. He urged people not to be afraid, because Christ is always with them – remembers Fr. Rytel-Andrianik

– At the same time, he was always faithful to the gospel, which, inter alia, in the protection of the right to life from conception until the natural death – mention only his encyclical "Gospel vitae" ("Gospel of life"). Today, it is worth returning to the teachings of the saint. John Paul II, Explore it, because nothing has lost its relevance. You can find the answer to many of the questions we ask ourselves. Celebrating the 13th anniversary of the death of the Pope from Poland is an important step that prepares us all to celebrate this year, the 40th anniversary of his election to the Petri Chair. This year is a special opportunity to use the wisdom of the saint. John Paul II – pointed to P. Rytel-Andrianik

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