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Craig Wright | The manifesto of the "wannabe creator of Bitcoin" presents the stove!

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It's a real phenomenon that Craig Wright does not give up. Last Friday, he posted on his website a manifesto stating that he (ironically) will sign the Bitcoin transaction with the key of Satoshi Nakamoto, but only if he proves that he really is.

Craig does not give up [1
9659004] The Fall with Wright in the lead role is gaining momentum and new, ever more interesting colors. It turned out that the budding Satoshi (read this post necessarily) after the delisting of BSV at Binance (19659005) still did not cool well and already implemented with great publicity new ideas on the Web. Perhaps Craig is against the backdrop of a price boom a few days ago, when BSV [1965900] reported a price increase of more than 130 percent [19659].

Craig Wright's New Manifesto

Craig Wright published a manifesto on May 24. arguing that Bitcoin (BTC) will eventually disappear because it serves to facilitate criminal activity, distorting "its" original vision of cryptocurrencies.

In the text of May 24 (you can read it here ) Wright claims to have created Bitcoin to be under the law operate and to facilitate criminal activities such as money laundering.

Wright attempts to ignite the senses by claiming that they are wrong, all believing that Bitcoin is completely decentralized. The moment of her awakening will come soon.

Wright's useless speech goes so far as to make exemplary statements:

When Bitcoin or another monetary system tries to break the rules, it becomes a forbidden system

" Stock exchanges are criminal organizations "or revenge on Binance

Wright also claims that crypto currency exchanges are basically criminal enterprises that" lighten the laundry "money. "Accordingly, he predicts that they will eventually leave the business," because crime will always fail. "

Wright in particular accused Binance and Bitfinex of lied to their customers When they said they are decentralized, he says they are not, Wright also said that someone wants to have a decentralized financial platform simply because they can cover up or launder money.

Groups like Binance trying to launder money and crime are always failing, cheating on you by saying that they are decentralized and can not be controlled (…). If the rulers are in a position to change the protocol, they can Change the life and finances of those involved in the system in an arbitrary way That's why BTC is not Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin is getting used to ann disappear "[1965-9024] Wright further argued that it would eventually disappear because Bitcoin was being manipulated. He warns that it will be quick:

Where Blockchain does not follow the rules … the government is easy to stop. When the action takes place, as in the case of E-Gold, everything invested in the system will disappear in no time. If BTC disappears, it will not disappear slowly, it will disappear immediately.

I will sign, I will sign …

Perhaps the biggest paradox in Wright's text is the promise that he will sign Bitcoin transactions with the key of Satoshi Nakamoto, but only if he proves that he it really is 🙂

What do you think? I have to admit that I'm a bit scared of a series of comments that will follow shortly … 🙂


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