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Dawid Żukowski is dead. The police found the body of the child. It was a murder. 10 days exploration and tragic finale

Dawid Żukowski is dead. The police spokesman gave the tragic information in an official speech. He was missing last week and wanted 10 days. On Saturday, the police searched the water reservoir under the viaduct at the intersection Pruszków on the A2 motorway. He was found there. The prosecutor initiated an investigation into the murder. The missing boy was searched by police across the country for information that he could be taken away from Grodzisk Mazowiecki, where he was last seen. The prosecution had already questioned Dawson's shocked mother, who had informed the police late about the possibility of kidnapping her son. The father's phone found on the spot helped pinpoint the probable location of the hiding place and the boy's body. Police officers, firefighters and soldiers inspected the area around the Konotopa intersection and the allotments near Okęcie in Warsaw. A search area for underground excavations has also been introduced to the action. The water from the surrounding tanks was released. The search lasted 1

0 days and nights. The forensic analysis of all collected data allowed us to analyze all the extensive material already collected. New facts about the disappearance of the boy were investigated by the police

Dawid idukowski is dead

The prosecutor initiated a murder investigation . The prosecution in Warsaw announced on Sunday that the investigation of the place where the body was found ended. The autopsy is scheduled for Monday

How did Dawid idukowski die?
– If the perpetrator of death is confirmed – Murder, unfortunate accident, accidental death, because we have three options that are largely clarified after autopsies – There is David's father, there is no procedure. In such situations, the procedure is discontinued. There are no lawsuits in Poland and Europe where the accused offender is dead – said Ewa Gruza, a forensic scientist at the University of Warsaw on TVN24.


Police found a body 5 summer Dawid Żukowski. For final confirmation, we must wait until the body of the boy's mother is shown and all procedural activities are completed. The police, however, are sure that it is a wanted boy.

– The family has a staff of psychologists available. There are police officers with the family. At the moment we will not inform you about the circumstances of the boy's death. I ask you to respect the pain that accompanies the family and the memory of this little boy – says the police spokesman.

The police found that the bushes near the water reservoir were covered with grass – said the reporter RMF FM Patryk Michalski. One of the policemen noticed characteristic children's shoes.

Hundreds of people searched for them: police officers, investigators, firefighters, soldiers, experts.


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On Saturday after On the 16th a press conference of the Warsaw Police Headquarters took place. It was connected with the search for 5-year-old Dawid Żukowski. During the conference, we learned about the finding of David's body.

With probability bordering on the police today announced the search for David Davidukowski for 10 days.

The Procuratorate listened to the missing 5-year-old David Żukowski's mother. The basic question is: why did she inform the police so late about the possibility of kidnapping?



UPDATE JULY 20, 2019

– She took no sudden steps on the day her child was missing because she thought it was another evil her husband – he said about witnesses the mother of missing Dawid Żukowski Łukasz Łapczyński from the prosecutor's office in Warsaw

It turns out that marriage has long been a misunderstanding. The spouses have spared no effort to raise their son. The woman, however, did not start from such a terrible scenario.

– Her relationship shows that this was another of her husband's ill will, so she did not take any violent steps after receiving text messages – the prosecutor's spokesman said. However, when it turned out that the child had not come home for a long time and the mother had no contact with her husband, she decided to call family members.

Mother Dawid Żukowski also went to her husband. When she realized that no one was present, she called the police and then went to the headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, where she reported the missing child – It was at 23:20.

Where is Dawid Żukowski, 5 years old?

On Thursday, the police searched, among other things, the area of ​​allotments in Okęcie in Warsaw. The police also found Dawid's call. What is inside? The camera is badly damaged, but the data recovery is in progress – informs Łukasz Łapczyński from the regional prosecutor's office

– The phone is seriously damaged, but experts are working to restore the content. Currently in research. Likewise other electronic carriers of Paweł ł. – says Wirtualna Polska, prosecutor Łukasz Łapczyński.

– The hypothesis that a man might have planned kidnapping a son during the last two weeks if he was not at work is very likely. After the holiday, he was able to implement this plan. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the prospect of finding a live boy disappears – says a major criminologist, prof. Brunon Hołyst.


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Burial of Father Dawid Żukowski

On Friday, July 19, the body of Paweł Ż. – the father of the wanted Dawid Żukowski – is buried in the cemetery Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Due to the respect for the privacy of his family, the exact date of the funeral was not specified.

UPDATED 18.7.2019

The background of the tragic events is the family conflict. At the end of June, 31-year-old mother Dawidka was to inform the public prosecutor's office that her husband was abusing her mentally. The wife and her son moved to Warsaw three weeks before the tragedy of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. In the family there were frequent disputes, which – as TVN24 reported – were due to the dependence of Paweł Ż. from playing. The 32-year-old would get into debt for this reason. In turn, the TVP Information Portal noted that David's father's dad had stopped working about two weeks before suicide.

– Hope dies last. Very often, the family does not acknowledge that the missing person may have died. We have to look at it objectively and also take these black scenarios into account – said Insp. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman for the police headquarters.

Update, 17/07/2019

As the TVN24 revealed in the boy's family, things were not going well. At the end of June, the district attorney's office in Grodzisk Mazowiecki was informed by Dawid's 31-year-old mother's representative of her husband's impending mental illness. In the notification, however, there is no way for a man to hurt a boy.

It was also found that on July 10, a man contacted his wife by phone. He would then threaten her that she would never see her son again. The investigators found that Paweł Ż. he had to stop twice at a emergency exit on the A2 motorway. For the first time for 40 minutes during a trip to Warsaw and then for 15 minutes when he came back (he was with his son near the Okęcie airport). Then – according to the journalist TVN Notes – he should also hear that his wife wanted to get a divorce.

All wells, drainage ditches, water reservoirs are to be searched in this area. Investigators tend to think that the entire event was planned. Before the suicide Paweł Ż. he even had to spend a moment praying in the church where his car was found.

Journalists of the television program "Uwaga" also agreed that Paweł Ż. It should have 200,000 zloty of debt due to gambling. In addition, he had another child – a daughter – from his first marriage. His former wife was to flee to Ukraine in front of him


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UPDATED 17.7.2019

Dawid Żukowski is a 5 A summer boy missing in unknown circumstances. It is known that he was under the protection of his father, who committed suicide by throwing himself under the train. What happened to the boy? The police obtained new data that allowed them to recover the last hours before they disappeared. The details will not be disclosed. Is David Idukovsky alive? Even today, dense troops are invading the area to comb through the wasteland and fields along the road that the child's father traveled for the last time.

UPDATED 16.7.2019
Today, the analysis of all the material collected by the police should be completed, which could give an answer to the question of what happened to the boy. Sensational reports are released today by Fact citing sources close to the prosecution. The newspaper reports that the boy's blood and urine were found on his father's clothes and in the car.

In addition, Super Expres reported that the investigators had reached another surveillance record showing 32-year-old Paweł Ż. Unfortunately, the man without David is on him.

UPDATED 15.7.2019

Everything we could have determined, we have already determined – Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the police headquarters.


Today there will be no close-knit troops in the region. A dedicated team of people will be involved in the analysis of data collected on the ground by individuals and investigators. The forensic analysis should help in the preparation of all information

. The biggest search in the history of the police is still going on. However, they have a different character than before, as the entire area was combed, on which the 5-year-old Dawid owskiukowski can theoretically be searched.

Grodzisk Mazowiecki: Dawid Żukowski was looking for the fourth …

UPDATED, July 14

The search for 5-year-old Dawid Żukowski has already started for another day. From Sunday morning, July 14th, police departments will comb the selected areas for a thorough review. The fire brigade and the territorial defense forces are involved in the search.

The police demand reports on Dawid. They are received by police officers of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecka, tel. 22 755 60 10 (-11, -12, -13). You can also call the nearest police unit or emergency number 112.

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UPDATE, July 13

On Saturday, the search section was brought to the underground excavations. The area is curved from the place where the car was parked (at the church in Grodzisk Mazowiecki), followed by a 5-year-old father of David, to the highway A2

– Currently we are looking for in Grodzisk Mazowiecki about 400 ha Today, the Territorial Defense Forces work with us, we have police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department. We are also supported by search groups – said Grzegorz Prusak from police headquarters in TVN24. – Even policemen came to work who are free to support actions – emphasized the KSP spokesman

. He added that from the very beginning, 2,000 hectares were used to search for services, and in total more than a thousand people participated. The inhabitants help too.

Dawid Żukowski is missing

Grodzisk Mazowiecki police have been looking for five-year-old Dawid Żukowski for three days. Earlier, on July 10, at 17 Father took the boy away from home and drove off in a unknown direction with a gray Skoda story. After four hours before the 21 the police were informed that the father of the 5-year-old was dead – the man was killed by train.

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As reported by Comrade Sylwester Marczak of the Press Department The Warsaw Metropolitan Police Station, "it was most likely suicide." His father's car was found near the scene of the tragedy, but the child was not inside. In the night of the 10th to the 11th of July began the search of the boy.

Was Dawid Zhukovsky's family violent?

Onet journalists obtained new information on the family situation of the five year old. According to the Portal's journalists, both parents had the right to look after the child, but lived separately for three weeks. The reason for the separation is unknown.

Lost children from the province of Silesia. Did you see? Let me know! Pictur …

According to unofficial information, the man should use family violence. A few days before the boy's disappearance, the police should receive a report on this matter.

In addition, the authors of the text said that the 32-year-old was struggling with financial problems and had problems playing. Onet reserves the right, however, that the police have not yet confirmed these reports – officials are not providing detailed information on the investigation.

The search for Dawid Żukowski

The services first appeared in the area of ​​the station, but it turned out that the incident occurred several hundred meters farther. We received the application 20.52. Skierniewice-Warsaw train at the height of ul. Korfantego in Grodzisk met a man with a deadly impact. The circumstances of the incident indicate that it was a suicide – said in an interview with the department grodzisknews.pl. Employee. Katarzyna Zych, spokeswoman for the Poviat Police Headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The car that drove a man and a child had a parasol on the disc with a red racing car from the "Car" fairy tale. see the gallery
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Where is Dawid Żukowski? The 5-year-old boy is missing, his father …

Many officers are involved in finding a boy. The police use drones and a helicopter. Also checked are places where the child's father was in the last hours of his life – the police determined this by the applications of his phone.

On Thursday, the police continued their search until late at night. Unfortunately without success. The work was resumed in the morning.

– It's about resuming the activities of subunits disrupted before midnight. The operational services worked without interruption

– explains the police spokesman Sylvester Marczak in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

The disappearance of Dawid Żukowski was reported by his mother.

David's parents did not live together. Both raised the child, none of them was taken the right of the parents. My father took care of the boy on the day he disappeared and in the evening he was to drive him to his mother. Catherine Zych from the Grodzisk police told us that it was the mother of David at midnight who informed the officers about the missing son.

It is possible that my father brought the boy to Okęcie Airport in Warsaw on 10 July to show the landing and the landing planes. The key to the matter is to find answers to the following questions: where Paweł Ż. Was he with his son in four hours? So from 17, when he started 21, when he got himself under the train? Where were you and where did he leave David?

Everyone hopes the boy is alive.

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What does the 5-year-old Dawid Żukowski look like? What did he wear?

David is about 110 centimeters tall and has a slim physique. Light hair, combed on the right side. The boy wore a blue-gray sweatshirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers with pictures of Zygzak McQueen.

Where should we report about Dawid Żukowski?

The police asks everyone for help in finding a child. All reports, including anonymous ones, are accepted by police officers of Poviat Police Headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecka, tel. 22 755 60 10 (-11, -12, -13). You can also call the nearest police unit or emergency number 112.

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