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Ex-wife accuses Durczok. New facts

The Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation into forgery of signatures on bills of exchange as a guarantee for a loan to purchase real estate. The case concerns Kamil Durczok and his ex-wife. She made the report about the possibility of committing a crime.

Bills date from 2009. One of them was completed for over 2 million francs. The second for over 300,000 zł. The newspaper had the signatures of Durczok and his wife Marianna.

Katarzyna Zolna of the District Prosecutor's Office in Katowice told TVP Info that the investigation in this case is in the preliminary phase. – Steps are being taken to determine if a crime has been committed and, if so, who committed it, she said.

The prosecution added that an expert's report would be asked by hand if the signatures were fake. She explained that fraud might have been committed to the detriment of the bank, and this thread is also under investigation.

According to TVP Info, in 201

9 the bank turned to the journalist's former wife (who changed her name) with a request to buy the promissory note as the borrower did not pay. Durczok's ex-wife denied signing her bill.

The woman also questioned the authenticity of the signature. In her opinion, it was fake and she was not in the making of this change and has never seen it.

The crime of forgery of a security service threatens a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

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