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Haunted house in Silesian Voivodeship – they say that this is the most famous. They entered there! [WIDEO]

Haunted house in Myszków? Broken windows, rundown furniture, boards scattered around the house, a musty smell and a building dipped in thick ivy – this is the picture of the alleged haunted house in Myszków. There are already various legends, including about someone who lives in it … not of this world. The lords of the Mystery Hunters group decided to take a look at it. See photos and video.

Haunted house in Myszków. So much of history … and legends

According to the deserted Zagłębie fan page, nothing ignites the senses like a haunted house with a dark story in the background. In Myszków, one of the main streets is considered one of the most famous haunts in our province. According to people's stories, the house was built 40 years ago by two lonely brothers ̵

1; Zygmunt and Jerzy. Old bachelors were controlled by fantasy and ufology. They conducted spiritual sessions in the center of the building, trying to make contact with alien civilizations. Attempts failed and had tragic consequences for the brothers themselves. They both went to a psychiatric hospital. Apparently, one of them is still there. The others were able to escape, but only committed suicide in their home. Apparently people here saw ghosts or a mysterious figure polishing broken windows. There are several other versions of the history of this building on the Internet that are less popular than the ones mentioned above – about suicides, the family that died in an accident, and how nobody really lived there.

See the inside of this house:

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Haunted house in the Silesian Voivodeship – they say that this is the most famous. They entered there!

The legend of the mysterious house was decided to engage with a group of enthusiasts of unexplained phenomena – Mystery Hunters. A team of friends who had the passion to discover the unexplained. They decided to go to the supposedly haunted house and see for themselves if they would experience unusual phenomena inside.

"The legend associated with the house in Myszków is widespread and there are several reports from witnesses on the Internet that it threatens this house and residents are afraid to approach it at dusk as a group of enthusiasts We travel to such places and use devices to investigate paranormal phenomena, whether these houses really haunt or are just urban legends. "- says Piotr, a member of the group.

Specialized full-spectrum cameras that record in light spectrum invisible to the human eye, or cameras with an IR filter that allows you to record spaces in total darkness. Researchers also use electromagnetic field detectors, motion sensors or temperature changes to more reliably investigate unexplained phenomena.

Haunted house in the province. Silesian – they say that this is the most famous …

"During research, we do not just rely on what we personally experience, we use a variety of tools to investigate unexplained phenomena and effectively check whether it is something paranormal or not The haunted house in Myszków has strangely registered the camera in the staircase in the corridor, and the RemPod motion sensor showed fluctuations that indicate the appearance of unusual phenomena, "explains Radek, a member of the group.

is the grain of truth and the house hunts forces of this world?

See the video created by mystery hunters from the house in myszków.

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