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Huawei, however, has a problem: Harmony OS for smartphones is still in its infancy

If you expected the premiere of two TVs with the Smart TV Harmony operating system to lead Huawei to soon introduce the smartphone operating system, unfortunately, I do not have any good news. Yes, the Chinese are working on their development, but there is still a long way to go before their premiere. A road that complicates the company's plans considerably.

The worldwide presentation of two Huawei TVs: Huawei Vision and Honor Vision with the manufacturer's new operating system, Harmony OS, raised hopes among those concerned about the Android-created Android competition.

Hell, we do not know yet when both TVs will go on sale (probably because the software needs to be customized to their needs), but a discussion on when this system will appear (even on other devices). Computer or smart home devices) will be found on smartphones again.

However, there are many signs that the topic is not as up-to-date as one would expect. Yes, after the confusion over the lack of Google services and applications on the latest flagship of the Mate 30 family, Huawei is expected to step up its work on HarmonyOS for mobile phones. The catch is that the company will depend on the US in the coming months.

Harmony OS for smartphones is far from complete. Application Porting Issues

  Photo. Huawei


One of the biggest problems is the ARK Compiler – a tool that allows developers to quickly migrate their applications from Android to the Harmony operating system. In addition, this set of programming options has already been tested by some Chinese developers, and the implications of using them are unfortunately not optimistic.

It turned out that with this technology none of the developers was able to transfer its program The new operating system of Huawei – this failed even with a simple technological demo. Another developer pointed out that the ARK compiler could not generate an absolutely fundamental element, namely the boot file.

So it seems that mentioning Harmony OS is nothing more than an attempt to show the whole world. that Huawei has prepared a "Plan B" in the face of problems with Google and other US companies and can implement it very quickly. However, it turns out that the reality is a bit different and the Chinese tycoon is currently at the mercy of the US.

It is unlikely that this situation will change in the following weeks or months.


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