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Huawei Mate X2 – initial information

We expected this, but so far few have spoken about it – it is practically certain that we will soon see the premiere of a new foldable smartphone from Huawei. The first information about the Mate X2 model was published on the Internet, which will bring at least one fundamental change.

Huawei’s portfolio already includes two folded Huawei smartphones – the Mate X model and a slightly improved Mate Xs that Paweł spoke warmly about (although it’s a hell of a device and not without its flaws). The Chinese will follow suit and we will likely see it soon third smartphone, which in practice … should be the second.

Mate X2 is folded inwards. And very good

You have appeared on the Internet Mate X2 model informationThe source of this message is the irreplaceable Evan Blass, after whom the device, code-named “Teton”

; is called the Mate X2. Analyst Ross Young added fuel to the fire, who said so according to his information Mate X2 will be an inside-folded smartphone, quite the opposite of the first generation of this smartphone.

Huawei Mate Xs / Photo: gsmManiaK.pl

Huawei Mate Xs / Photo: gsmManiaK.pl

Two companies are supposed to produce displays for Huawei: BOE and Samsung. According to this information, the conceptual graphics of the folding devices from Huawei are also interesting The smartphone would have six lenses: two on the front and four on the back. The photographic capabilities of this Mate X2 can be huge, which is undoubtedly gratifying. There will also be a place for a pen which is useful for handling such a large display.

Premiere? Probably not this year

If you’ve been relying on news about the release date of this model, I don’t have any specific information for you. It is highly doubtful that Huawei will start production this fall – then we should see the debut of Mate 40 series smartphones and it is quite difficult to expect anything more. It is therefore possible that another folding equipment from the Chinese will come onto the market at the beginning of 2021.


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