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I ask you all for silence

We negotiate with great understanding, always thinking of protecting and realizing the interests of Poland and Poland as much as possible, "President Andrzej Duda responded Saturday in Reno to criticism that the cost was running during his US The President, who is continuing his working visit to the United States, visited Reno on Saturday in Nevada during a briefing for Polish journalists Andrzej Duda was asked what the critics' opinion would be that agreements and Agreements signed during his stay in the US are too expensive for our country.

Critical voices will always be. Remember, there are different types of lobbying, and not everyone is happy that we have contracts with them Companies and authorities in the US will always be critical, and it's always the easiest to say that something is too expensive


1; said the President

. He stressed that the Polish authorities are doing everything they can to represent the interests of the Republic as much as possible.

We take care of the interests of the Poles, also financially

– he assured

He emphasized that Poland "wants the best and the best is offered among others in the United States".

We want the best, because we can think of one simple assumption: what is cheap, expensive?

– said the Polish leader.

As he pointed out, negotiations are only about opening and, in many cases, only starting negotiations. "

There are no prices yet, no specific conditions, I ask all of you for peace and public opinion, I ask you to handle it calmly, because we negotiate very sensibly and always remember the interests of Poland and Poland

– said the President.

] All those who exclaim on the F-35 awards, (recall) that these negotiations are de facto just a statement of interest there is no price, no conditions, nothing has been determined, this is the absolute beginning of the road

– emphasized Andrzej Duda.

As he noted, "Poland expressed interest in the purchase of 32 F-35 fighters, as it The most advanced project in the world is fifth-generation aircraft. "

Andrzej Duda was also asked about the reactions of the American media, according to which Donald Trump's sympathy for Poland" does not flow from the heart rn was bought ".

That's politics. There is sympathy, but above all there is an element of loyalty in political cooperation, extremely important and honest, which also counts; and (there is a question) a word that is maintained or not maintained

– replied the president.

As he said, Poland has often been fooled in history.

Unfortunately, we have had very unpleasant experiences here

– added the President.

As he emphasized, his previous experience with President Donald Trump and his administration are good.

In fact, all the talks that we have conducted conclude with concrete results

– the Polish leader underlined

. Contract with the US on LNG supplies, an important element in the diversification of gas supply to Poland.

He recalled that he was on Friday together with Energy Minister Rick Perry in the Cheniere gas pipeline at the mouth of the Sabine River in the Gulf Mexicans on the Texas border with the state of Louisiana, where in the near future gas supplies to Poland be sucked off. The President noted that this is a gas at a very good price, which is certainly competitive compared to Russian gas.

According to the statement signed Wednesday in Washington by the Presidents of Poland and the United States, Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, the US plans to grow in the near future the military presence in Poland currently amounts to approximately 4.5 Tsd According to the statement, Poland plans to provide and maintain a jointly agreed infrastructure for the first package of additional Polish-American projects, which is free for the United States, and the planned use by Poland includes US forces. In addition, at the Wednesday meeting, Poland agreed to buy 32 F-35 fifth-generation multipurpose fighters.

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