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Indexation of Pensions 2020. What will increase next year? [26.08.2019 r.]

pensions in 2020. It seems that the indexation of pensions will be higher next year than 2019. All this due to the high rate of inflation, which is one of the indicators for the indexation of benefits. How much can pensions increase?

Valorisation 2020. How much will the pensions rise?

In March 2019, pensions increased by 2.86 percent. (although it was originally assumed that this ratio would be higher and above 3.2%). There is every indication that pensioners can expect a much higher indexation rate in 2020. Currently, government assumptions indicate that next year's valorisation is expected to be 3.24 percent. However, this indicator is already expected to be higher due to increased inflation.

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Good to know
The Ministry of Finance calculates the increase in pensions in a given year, taking into account the following factors:

  • Inflation of old-age households – Increase in prices of goods that seniors buy (statistically most)
  • Real wage increase in the year before the valorisation.

Retirement 2020. What indexing rate?

"Super Express" reported in early August that valorisation could – due to rising inflation – amount to 3.7 percent . Calculations from mid-August – after taking into account the latest inflation data, it could be up to 4.04 percent !

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Amount and percentage adjustment

In 2019, the Government decided to introduce a quota adjustment for retirees who receive lower benefits. Therefore, the pension increased by at least 70 PLN gross. If a higher rate resulted from the valorization, then only the percentage was applied. Will even people with lower benefits be entitled to quota adjustment in 2020? The former Minister for Family, Labor and Social Policy said in an interview with "Super Express", the government would decide on the final mechanism of pension increase.

Valorisation 2019 – which increases the pensioner

The exact calculations of the "increases" for different benefits and examples of pensions in 2019 can be found in the following gallery.

<a class = "componentsArticleGallery__mainImgLink lazyload" href = "https://expressbydgoski.pl/waloryzacja-emerytur-zus-w-2019-table-williczenia-renty-i-emerytury-jaka-podwyzka-brutto– bez -TAX-5062019 / ga / c3-13450109 / zd / 32084391 "title =" Indexation of pensions 2019 The indexation of pensions from March 2019 means that the pension increases by at least 70 PLN gross If a

➤ See how much the pensions increase in the gallery ➤

"rel =" noopener "data-event-position =" mainImgLink "aria-label =" See the gallery "> <img data-srcset =" https://d-art.ppstatic.pl/kadry/k/r/1/cf/f2/5be323fb48241_o_xsmall.jpg 160w, https: //d-art.ppstatic.pl/kadry/k/r/1/cf/f2/5be323fb48241_o_small.jpg 320w, https: //d-art.ppstatic.pl/kadry/k/r/1/cf/f2 /5be323fb48241_o_medium.jpg 640w, https: //d-art.ppstatic.pl/kadry/k/r/1/cf/f2/5be323fb482 41_o_large.jpg 960w, https: //d-art.ppstatic.pl/kadry/k/r/1/cf/f2/5be323fb48241_o_large.jpg 1280w, "sizes =" (maximum width: 200px) 160px, (maximum width: 400px) 320px, (maximum width: 700px) 640px, (max-width: 1000px) 960px, 1280px "class =" componentsArticleGallery__mainImg componentsArticleGallery__blurUp lazyload "alt =" Indexing Pensions 2019 . The indexation of pensions from March 2019 leads to a pension increase of at least PLN 70 gross. If the higher index leads to a higher rate, the amount is eliminated.

➤ See how many pensions are going up in the gallery ➤

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Retirement + or "thirteen" for pensioners

In May 2019, approximately 9.72 million retirees received the so-called Retirement + . This is a one-time cash payment equal to the minimum pension, which currently amounts to 1.1 thousand.

In addition to the annual adjustment of pensions, the new benefit is a true financial support for all pensions, especially for those who receive the lowest benefits. [19659034] Video

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