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iOS 13 – is this a good update? Check!

The expected OS update for many iPhone users is now available. iOS 13 was officially released on Thursday, September 19th. Learn how using a smartphone works with the apple bite logo.

Install iOS 13 and switch to the dark side.

Although the new update is quite loud and there is no lack of positive feedback on the changes made, yes It does not really bring much news, except, of course, dark fashion. We are dealing with a number of improvements and some updated applications.

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. Let's start with the most visible change in iOS 13. Apple has finally decided to introduce the optional dark mode system. I'll admit I've been waiting a long time ̵

1; I prefer dark topics, both on the computer and on the screen of the smartphone. I use them in many applications and of course on Tabletowo.pl.

I have to admit that Apple did its homework for a very good grade. Dark Mode looks visually appealing and is refined. It has been found throughout the system and can be seen in Settings, on the Widgets screen as well as in Apple applications. We have dark colors in Safari, News, Contacts, Reminders, App Store and Photos. The whole thing looks coherent, but I noticed a shortcoming – Pages or the text editor remained unchanged. The same applies to the other applications in the iWork package – Keynote and Numbers.

The dark mode can be activated in different ways. First, when you launch iOS 13 for the first time, the topic selection screen appears. Second, you will find the option to set a light or dark theme in the screen settings. Third, we can quickly switch between modes from the control center. Fourth, there is a schedule for automatically changing the theme – dark mode after sunset or according to the time set by the user.

Is iOS 13 better optimized?

iOS 13, like its predecessor, has a positive effect on the efficiency of iPhone operations. Apple boasts that applications run twice as fast. Unblocking using face detection costs 30% less.

I can not say if downloading patterns from a user's face is now 30% faster, but the most obvious thing is that biometric security works better. The view from which the iPhone can capture the face has not changed, but unlocking is shorter.

A slightly more efficient start of the application is visible on first boot. This is especially true for Apple software. For applications that are already in memory, however, I noticed no noticeable difference. Switching between them is as smooth as it is in iOS 12.

Yes, the apps are running a bit faster, but I do not see such a jump in performance, as suggested by Apple. It's possible that the more efficient operation of iOS 13 on older iPhones is more visible – I've done tests with the still fresh iPhone XS.

New options for working with photos and videos

Updating iOS also means changing applications. The software that has received new garments includes the System Gallery. The photo application has got a new look and is now more modern and attractive. With the first card, which contains all the photos, you can quickly group them by years, months, or days. I liked the effect of automatically playing movies – a slight change that pleases the eye.

Despite the visual changes in the photo app, I did not feel that navigating was more convenient or faster. The previous level has been retained. We still have the For You tab, where AI algorithms pick the most interesting photos and group them into small galleries, and the Albums tab with photos organized by albums, people, places, and other categories.

There was a search engine that made this possible. Find photos based on objects detected by artificial intelligence, such as meals, sports cars, or cats. The whole thing is done locally on the device, which is to be seen as an advantage. However, the automatic detection of objects in terms of relevance is still different from the solution in Google Photos. Compared with iOS 12, I see no improvement.

The built-in photo editor has also been improved, making more efficient changes to captured photos possible. Individual settings such as Exposure, Shine, or Shadow are in the horizontal scrolling list just below the photo, and the area of ​​each effect is changed using the slider. This is not only more convenient, but also more precise.

iOS 13 has a new video editing tool. You can crop and crop the movie. We still have the ability to auto-enhance, filter, adjust exposure, light, shadow, contrast, brightness, black point, focus, and more.

I only played with the tool for a few minutes so I do not want to give it a final opinion. However, I can say that it promises to be pretty interesting and to be enough during video processing that we would like to put into a social network or send to friends later.

Some Changes in Apple Applications

The Reminders application has been significantly redesigned. Apple has introduced an updated, more modern look and feel, as well as a whole new set of reminders. The whole thing is based on personalized lists whose task is to divide memories into categories and maintain a larger order.

Each list can be given its own color, name and symbol. Of course, individual entries in the list can contain text and date as well as locations and attachments – such as photos or scanned documents. It should be noted that there is a problem: The first time you start the application, a message about converting saved reminders to the new version appears. If we decide to do so, synchronization with older versions of the application available on iOS 12 and macOS Mojave will stop working.

More than the changes in the Reminders application that I use sporadically, I'm curious about what's new in App Health. She also experienced a great reconstruction. The all new main screen contains a summary of user selected categories such as distance traveled, number of steps performed, calories burned, heart rate, ambient sound level, or weight.

The application also includes health information about changes in the average workout duration or the average number of steps. In this way, you can check if we are making progress or if our activity is declining. The whole thing is now displayed more legible and visually attractive.

Other Apple applications, such as Maps, which now provide better access to favorite places and creating collections, have also been improved. In selected cities, it is possible to enable the Street View modeled after Google Street View. Unfortunately, the feature is not available in Poland and I do not think it will be displayed soon.

In Safari, the home page has been improved for faster access to frequently visited favorite pages. In addition, a download manager was finally released.

In the email app, we find more powerful text formatting tools. Notes now offers an improved gallery view and a new to-do list feature. Instead of having two separate applications to find devices and friends, we now have an app called Locator.

I hope the next Apple updates will also update other applications that need updating. First, the iWork package should receive a dark theme. Second, the weather application looks outdated and not very functional. Third, despite some innovations in the notes, they do not fit the design of the entire system.

Several minor changes throughout the system

On all iPhones, regardless of whether they have the hardware capability to detect the pressure on the display, has been introduced Haptic Touch. The new method is based solely on holding your finger on an item to display a context menu with additional options.

Yes, Haptic Touch is not that effective, but the most convenient solution. Unfortunately it causes a bit of confusion on older models – 3D Touch has stayed, so we have two methods to access the same function. Also, I've accidentally turned on Haptic Touch several times – I've gotten used to having to push the screen harder and not just hold my finger.

The newly created sharing menu now contains a list of the people we contact most often. Below is a new list of available options such as copying and context custom options.

iOS 13 also introduces improvements to text editing that I like a lot. With three fingers we cut out the text quickly and paste it into a new window. If you drag three fingers to the left, the entered text is undone, and if you drag to the right, you can restore it. If you tap the screen with only three fingers, a menu appears with the following options: undo, cut, copy, paste, and restore.

Some of the more interesting features include improved access to shared application data. For localization, we allow a selection from the previously available setting when I use the application and new Allow once . There are no exceptions here – Apple applications must also show this message. I have not had a chance to use it yet, but signing up for the new sign-in method with Apple promises to be interesting, which is designed to ensure security and privacy.

iOS 13 – a good update

We had to wait a bit for Dark Mode, but it was still worth it. iOS 13 is a good update that introduces a number of enhancements, updated versions of selected applications, and a minor optimization of the operation of biometric and efficiency applications.

I have not encountered any issues with the stability and efficiency of the system and installed applications. But that does not mean it's perfect – on the internet, I've got the opinions of users who complained about a noticeably faster decline in battery charge. It is possible that this is the reason for accelerating the release of iOS 13.1.

Some complain about the lack of revolution, also I want important news. However, it should be kept in mind that both iOS and iPhones are a product aimed at mass receivers. It is reached by millions of people who do not want to learn how to use it every time they update or change devices. Apple understands that – the company already has a finished product and will not improve it until the next few years.

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