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iPhone 11 has a feature that Apple will launch in a while?

All indications are that the mythical feature that was not finalized when the iPhone 11 was released may appear later due to a software update.

Reverse Charge on the iPhone 11

Even before the release of the iPhone 11, there were numerous rumors that more Apple smartphones will get new features. Of course it would be in no way innovative because this solution has long been used by Android smartphones on board. However, for many owners of devices with the Bitten Apple logo, the feature could be an interesting addition.

Reloading (as this feature is mentioned) is a feature that allows other devices to be charged via the iPhone. and 1

1 . It would be enough to put the box of AirPods or Apple Watch headphones on the back of the smartphone and charge them via the battery.

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A centered logo should indicate the location?

That such functionality would be present on new Apple smartphones should be proved by centering the bitten Apple logo . It used to be a bit higher on the back, and below was the inscription "iPhone", which is not found on the back of "eleven".

This cosmetic change not only served to improve the aesthetics of the smartphone, having appeared in the upper left corner triple camera on a large island, but also for the above purpose. The logo would make it easier to find a place where devices for a chargeback should be placed.

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All you have to do is activate it.

On the day of the release of the iPhone 11, new rumors appeared that were finally confirmed. Apple withdrew in September from the idea of ​​the new solution. The company did not provide information on the possibility of a chargeback. According to rumors, the resignation should be due to a lack of satisfaction with the quality and the performance of the discussed functionality. Apple appreciates the quality, which is why, for a similar reason, the design of the AirPower induction mat was finally thrown in the bin – it did not meet the company's quality standards.

Now, however, it turns out that the iPhone 11 most likely has a built-in two-way charging module . Most interesting is – it should be turned off by the software level. Maybe the biggest problem was to refine the software? It's just that Apple in this case announce a new functionality and could introduce this together with, for example, iOS 13.2, as was the case with other solutions in the past. It did not happen this time.

It remains another combination of possibilities. Either Apple took the time to introduce new products at the next conference this October, or simply did not have time to change the technical aspects of the device in production. The last option is to include this novelty in spring or in the year when more smartphones with this feature come onto the market.

In both cases, we'll find out more in a few days when the first iPhone 11 goes to the owners and the demolition equipment begins.


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