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John Paul II died 13 years ago

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw 21. The Vigil begins.

The slogan of this year's commemoration day of the 13th anniversary of the death of John Paul II is the word spoken during the dedication ceremony of the pontificate. At that time, John Paul II called the audience repeatedly to be "fearless". At the Pilsudski Square in Warsaw an animation with the picture of the Pope will be shown in the evening. The audience will hear his voice thanks to the prepared fragments of speeches.

Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005. It was the eve of Sunday Divine Mercy. He had nearly 85 years, 59 and a half years priesthood and 27 and a half years papacy.

The news of Pope Death announced 1

00,000 people who prayed to Archbishop Leonardo Sandri: "Dear brothers and sisters, at 21:37 our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul II returned to the Father's house."

Mass burial On April 8, St. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in St. Peter's Square, and several hundred thousand people took part, including about 300,000 Poles. There were heads of state and government and crowned heads and religious leaders from around the world. It was the biggest funeral in history. During the Mass there were banners with the slogan "Santo subito", a call for the immediate canonization of the Polish Pope.

John Paul II was buried in the caves of the Vatican. His beatification was on 1 May 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI. After her, the grave of the Pope was in the St. Sebastian Chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter, not far from Michelangelo's Pieta. Masses regularly take place there

Pope Francis announced Pope Francis on April 27, 2014. The process of beatification and canonization was a record short. There is a great legacy that goes back to thus to the achievements of John Paul II, who in his RMF FM told his longtime Secretary Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz . As I still read all the speeches to Poland, they are very up to date. You are up to date today. You do not have to change anything, just go back to them – he stressed.


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