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Katarzyna Tusk’s daughter in the hospital. Donald Tusk’s daughter showed the photo [INSTAGRAM]

Katarzyna Tusk is one of the Polish personalities in show business who has consistently protected her privacy for years. Although the daughter of Donald Tusk She is very active on social media and rarely talks about loved ones. The best example is pregnancy and childbirth, which have long been a mystery. Ultimately, however, the blogger confirmed the press reports. Interestingly, she shared information about her wedding with the media … five years later. Over time, however, she began to break her strict rules and her social media profiles smuggled “pearls”

; out of her home care. Kasia Tusk still does this very discreetly.

Sometimes on Katarzyna Tusk’s Instagram Entries about the baby appear. The girl’s picture is then hidden. It was no different with the photo that recently appeared on Instagram. Unfortunately, The photo shows a sick room and the blogger’s child sleeping in it.

Katarzyna Tusk’s daughter in the hospital. The blogger addressed an important topic

Tusk, who accepted the photo, added a long entry. He does not inform about the reason for his stay in the hospital, pointing out that he hopes everyone will soon forget that day. As she mentioned, the post didn’t appear for no reason, but rather He calls his visit to the facility “cynical use of opportunity” to attract the attention of observers and draw their attention to a serious problem.

Katarzyna Tusk in the mail discussed the topic of SMA or spinal muscular atrophy. It is a serious and rare disease in which, due to a genetic defect, the neurons in the spinal cord that are responsible for muscle contraction and relaxation die. The lack of nerve impulses then leads to general weakness and progressive atrophy of the skeletal muscles, and finally to partial or complete paralysis. Katarzyna Tusk wrote about the drug and its reimbursement that may be possible in the future.

Blogger told the story of little Tosia and her mother who are fighting for a drugwhile it is not yet refunded. The woman has started a fundraising campaign with which she can help her sick children. Katarzyna Tusk invited to participate in the project.

We also agree with the request – a link to the fundraising campaign can be found HERE. Support those who need it. We don’t know whether we won’t need a helping hand in the future. We also hope that Katarzyna Tusk’s daughter is better off and that she can rest in her own room soon.

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