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Królikowski's brother has given his ex-girlfriend a child. Shocking media reports

Brother Krolikowski is jealous of his brother? As it turned out, a member of the immediate family found the love of his life much faster than the artist who agreed to settle down. It would not be shocking if the mistress and mother of the brother's child of Antek Królikowski were not the ex-girlfriend of Julia Wieniawa.

Brother Królikowski surprised the fans of the Polish show business. A member of the famous drama family claimed to have a child with his girlfriend. If such information were not a sensation, the fact that the mother of the male offspring is Antek Królikowski might come as a surprise. The actor himself could not expect that, which claimed for years that he wanted to start his own family.

Brother Królikowski embarrassed Antek. Unexpected pregnancy in the family of an actor

Joanna Jarmołowicz is the mother of the youngest member of the family. Jan Królikowski, or Antek's younger brother, recently announced that his brother's ex-boyfriend is pregnant with him and expects a child. Such an accident can be extremely unfair to Antek himself, who met Jarmolowicz shortly before Julia Wieniawa.

An actor who has declared for years that he wants to become a father and have his family had to accept this information with great pain. After his beloved Julia Wieniawa, with whom he had been living for years, had found a new boy ̵

1; Baron from the Afromental team, the man lost his last chance to return to the actress. So the family's vision began to move away from it.


Will Królikowski become a father?

Unless an actor has never concealed that he is a follower of a family lifestyle, he still can not see candidates for his potential wife and mother of children. It is possible that the difference in age and Królikowski's willingness to start a family was an obstacle to Wieniawa, who could not imagine giving birth to children and abandoning career plans that are not lacking.

It is possible that a man this year has the newest taste Kasias graduate student, with whom he was seen at one of the film festivals. Is this the unknown girl who helps the artist to realize his dreams of becoming husband and father? So far, it's hard to predict, it's a very new acquaintance.

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