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Krzysztof Sadowski is still dangerous. Iza: He molested me in 2017.

The biggest pedophile scandal in Poland could soon hit the political, business and artistic elite with the power of a waterfall. I study all the threads about the mating of the offender and his systems and will reveal them in the reportage and in the film. In the meantime, two women came to me and said they had tried to harass her in 2017. And that is no longer forbidden!

"I stood with my friends on the terrace.I was less than 15. Mr. Sadowski entered the terrace
He came to me from behind and started to rub, first the buttocks, then the shoulder was confused at the time what was happening to me did not reach me, so my friends dragged Mr. Sadowski away from me and told him to stop, then said, "This is my family and I can do whatever I want with it After the whole event, my friends accompanied me to the room.
The next day, Mr. Sadowski sent SMS to me to appear in his office and I did not answer them, at some point as I walked down the corridor I met him again, then repeated the request to come to his office later (probably he was needed somewhere else so he would not take me along at the time) and then stroked over my buttocks again, it was the moment in I realized that he could seriously harm me in this study, and I decided to tell my dad, who was also a lecturer in the Puławy workshop. There was a confrontation between them, unfortunately I do not know how it went. Since then Mr. Sadowski has not spoken to me anymore. He just looked at me "- says Iza (name changed), daughter of a well-known musician who is not yet ready to testify at the prosecutor's office, but may decide to do so.

Jagoda wants to testify (real name , very brave) 22-year-old) who attended the same workshop.
"It happened in the jazz workshop in Puławy. Krzysztof Sadowski was my mother's friend, he offered me a free stay and he was expecting something more than me. Already in the car, he put my hand on my knee, I stepped back, so he did not touch me. Then we made a trip to Kazimierz and there he began to ask me about the relationship with the boys. Then he publicly suggested to other people to come to him in the evening. I asked "why" and he answered "for social purposes". It was with another lecturer who did not fully respond, which surprised me because lecturers are somehow morally committed to the participants, so I do not understand this attitude because it was harassment by the lecturer, something that was not allowed to happen. I was an adult, but I talked to a younger girl and she said that Sadowski touched her ass and she told her dad, also the lecturer. When I was 1

3, I also went to a workshop in Puławy, then he did not do anything to me, but I've seen that there's something with another girl, fifteen. She was completely absent-minded and you could see that something bad was happening to her, that she had disturbing relationships with the lecturer. Sadowski talked to her all the time, he was close to her, "says Jagoda.

The stories of Jagoda and Iza testify that Krzysztof Sadowski, despite his 83-year-old age, can still be dangerous for children as he only Psychologists agree.
"A pedophile, regardless of his age, will always remain a pedophile. Pedophilia is a disorder of sexual preference and is permanent. Age has no significant influence here. The same is true of sexual orientation. Both heterosexual and homosexual persons remain stable in their sexual preferences. I work with older people and do not know anyone who would change their interests over time. Pedophiles, like any other person, may lose interest in sexual issues over time. This is due to menopause, hormonal problems and various diseases (ie everything runs like other people). An important topic in sexual behavior is imagination and emotions. While the pedophile may not be able to communicate, he may want to satisfy his emotional needs. This type of satisfaction of emotional needs, for example, occurs in people of BDSM sex (sadomasochistic gender) in whom the dominant person satisfies their specific fantasies without necessarily having sexual intercourse. Pedophile never stops being dangerous to children. For this reason, for example, a law on beasts was created, thanks to which special procedures were taken, for example M. Trynkiewicz. A serial pedophile and murderer. I doubt that anyone in his right mind would leave this child in his care. "- rated Wojciech Kopytek, psychologist and psychotherapist 30 years, but recently I also do not understand why the perpetrator's wife was informed of the investigation before other witnesses were interrogated and places were searched, where evidence of a crime These errors are irreparable and could have resulted in the perpetrator "cleaning up" everything. Fortunately, the strongest evidence is that the testimonies can not be deleted.

So far, over 20 people have been reported to me by Krzysztof Some of them have been cruelly treated and raped in their childhood, but unfortunately most cases are now time barred, which is why investigations are important in determining whether Mr Sadowski has molested girls in recent years Breakthrough in the investigation.

Gazeta Wyborcza presented the reports of two I sacrifice (under a pseudonym) without sparing readers with shocking details. Previously, Ewa Gajda, a woman who was abused by Sadowski at the age of 10 in 1992, and Justyna (renamed), a woman from an orphanage, who in the 1980s in her childhood from this musician for three years in Passive was raped attitude of the guards. Olga Śmigielska, the daughter of Sadowski's girlfriend, was harassed for several years on the TVN24.pl portal over the weekend. Olga came to me as one of the first victims, but at the time she was not ready to disclose her identity publicly, so I protected her data. There are certainly many victims, and the whole case has a number of shocking threads that are not yet known. The names of very famous and influential people appear in it. In the roles of victims, but also of executioners or persons who cover the perpetrators of pedophilia.

– I told Sadowski's friend and PSJ activist that we have to do something about the President's pedophilia many years ago. I heard, "Let Krzysia alone, let him treat his girls" – says a well-known musician. "It's a word against a word, but if this guy had honor, he would confess today and apologize to the victims for not responding."

Krzysztof Sadowski was a very influential person. For years, he organized protective screens, congratulated the president, worked with opposition figures and authorities, and improved the system of victim selection, which he later controlled, facilitated, and made them interdependent. His influential friends were (are?) Jerzy Stępień, former President of the Constitutional Court, and Krzysztof Karpiński, former President of the Appeal Court in Warsaw, who is still a judge today. The first one claims that he does not know anything about Sadowski's pathologies, it did not happen to him.

– I'm also shocked – says Jerzy Stępień.

The second refuses to talk to me, he does not answer the phone.

The President of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw informs that Judge Krzysztof Karpiński is currently on vacation. In a telephone conversation, he did not agree to any contact with you (including contact details). "- I was written by the Appeal Court in Warsaw.

Sadowski also had friends among artists, film directors, politicians and the richest business people, maybe this is the answer to the question of why he has not gotten up and made it, children to hurt for almost 40 years.

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