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Lubliniec. A school fire near Oblatach. The fire is bursting like crazy

At 6 a.m. on September 24, a fire broke out in Ul. Piłsudski in Lubliniec. There are units from the Lubliniec and Częstochowa Poviats.


There are around 20 teams, an additional head 37 of the Częstochowa State Fire Brigade and a high-pressure extinguisher.

We used to write

A fire in the school complex for them. st. Edyta Stein from the Catholic Association of Pedagogues in Lubliniec. The attic is on fire. Eleven fire engines and three ladders take part in the fire fighting. Class was canceled today.

OK. At 6.30 a.m. today, September 24th, the fire brigade in Lubliniec received a notification of a fire in the school complex. st. Edyta Stein at ul. Piłsudski.


1; A roof area of ​​approx. 20×40 m is burning – says Asp. Pc. Rafał Romanek, deputy spokesman for the fire department in Lubliniec. – They had to take books and equipment from the library and computers from the computer room to keep them from being destroyed.

There were three employees at the school when the fire broke out.

There are 11 fire fighting teams. The causes of the fire are unknown.

School lessons are canceled today.

– As far as I know, students who cannot return home will continue to be looked after by teachers – says the music academy. pc. Rafał Romanek.

The action is very difficult because the fire is still consuming the attic and roof, and the flames are not suffocated easily.

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