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Mother Dawidka made a statement

The darkest scenario worked. On Saturday at about 13 o'clock the police found in the bushes next to one of the reservoirs under the viaduct at the intersection Pruszków to A2 the body of Dawid Dawukowski. This completed the ten-day search. Now the investigators will be able to determine step by step what happened exactly over a week ago and analyze the evidence gathered. This also means the months of the nightmare of a close boy who has to come back many times to the suffering that the 5-year-old has suffered from his father's hand.

Mother Dawidka, who has been silent and has not spoken to the media after a tragic piece of information, made a heartbreaking statement. He published it on the "Attention!" TVN.


1; Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank the service, which with great determination has spared no resources and efforts in carrying out the search. I thank the local church, the media, and all those who are not indifferent to my son's fate, who showed their support to the end and believed in a happy ending. I ask for a prayer, mother of murdered Dawidka wrote.

It is known that a 5 year old corpse section will be performed on Monday. This information was provided on Sunday by the spokesman of the district prosecutor's office in Warsaw. The procedure is carried out in the direction of murder.


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This method proved to be better than a clairvoyant. The police revealed how she had found the body of Dawidka.

Father Dawidka did not want to live with the stigma of a murderer.

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