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Niedziela.pl – Article – Speaker of the EPP: Teaching Saint. John Paul II is timeless

2018-04-02 09:14

luk / Kraków (KAI)

Traditionally, the rector of the Pontifical University John Paul II wrote in Krakow on Easter Monday a letter to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Krakow. – The spiritual inheritance, which is passed on to future generations, above all requires personal commitment and the ability to create a program of life on its foundation – wrote Fr. prof. Wojciech Zyzak

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At the beginning, the Rector, referring to the conversation of the high priests with the soldiers guarding the tomb of Jesus, pointed out that the attitude of dedicating immediate material benefits to the truth is also common nowadays is. Even today the truth is at stake, because in many environments there is a lively exchange of ideas about the achievements of science and the exact sciences, but important questions about the meaning of life remain unanswered and suggest that each one has its own Truth has – he noted.

He assessed that the need for material development is important, but mental values ​​should not be underestimated. The priest added that in the year of Poland's 100th anniversary, this awareness is even more complete when, after three annexations, "the young Polish state inherited six different legal systems, several currencies and three administrative and educational systems"

Customs, habits and ways of thinking. The construction of a common state was a great organizational and material effort, which would not have been possible without common values ​​and without an unifying role of the Catholic faith and culture. Similarly, in the later difficult times of our history, when the vision of social development, based solely on economic growth, was an illusion because it led to the degradation of the state and of man, he described it.

The Rector of UPJPII quotes the words of the patron saint of the University, Saint. John Paul II, who emphasizes in the book "Memory and Identity" that the term "home" contains both the spiritual and the material. – Pope Francis in the European Parliament spoke of the need to consider both the spiritual and material dimensions of creating cultures, referring to the Vatican fresco by Rafael of the School of Athens – he added.

prof. Zyzak, universities play a particularly important role in finding the truth about these two dimensions. In the era of the "post-truth" in which students no longer ask so much about the practical usefulness of transmitted knowledge but, above all, about the material benefits that should be associated with it, it is important to do so Remember that truth, goodness and beauty are superior values. which we should serve – we read further in the letter

The priest realized that, although economic development is extremely important, the rise of social consciousness that led to the overthrow of communism was caused by philosophical and theological teachings – spiritual heritage, Passing on to future generations personal commitment and the ability to create a life program on its basis is therefore the very important task facing the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow as a place of unimpeded and unselfish search for truth – [19659006] Rector of the UPJPII has stated the papal teachings elnia endeavors, together with education and scientific research, to apply the research findings in practice – the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator operates there. However, he pointed out that the usability perspective is not the most important, because the university also wants to arouse and promote the young man's sensitivity, goodness and beauty. – I cordially invite young people who are looking for reliable knowledge and answers to fundamental human issues to use the educational offer of our papal university –

At the end of the letter he reminded the nurse Hanna Chrzanowska, whose beatification takes place on April 28th becomes. – The new Blessed prepared pastoral care for sick people, including students of our university, and taught them what the fullness of humanity is – he wrote that they convert the faithful to "conversion, selfless opening to the needs of our neighbor, especially the Sick and suffering ".

– I thank you for the kindness and help for the University and I wish that Easter is a time of renewal of faith for all, thanks to which we discover the importance of our worldly struggles – ended his letter to P. prof. Wojciech Zyzak.

The contribution collected today in the churches is traditionally dedicated to the needs of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow. Abbé Marek Jędraszewski added his letter to the rector of the papal university.

– I thank God for all the goodness that was achieved thanks to the mission of the Pontifical University John Paul II in Krakow. I wish that the patron, whose 40th anniversary of the election to the capital of St. Peter, who would look after the entire academic community and ask for all the graces that were necessary for them – wrote the Metropolitan of Krakow

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