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Nvidia has taken the most consumer-friendly move and is still being hit. Why?

The frustration was fueled by the fact that people who wanted to sell their graphics cards to swap out for the new RTX couldn’t get 2080 Ti for more than $ 400-500 – much less than literally the day before the premiere. Some people had grudges against … Nvidia.

Such situations remind me that I will never understand people

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start listing the reasons why anyone who thinks they’ve been scammed by Nvidia should blame themselves. Maybe I’ll start by saying that when they decided to buy a graphics card, they got what they paid for. The premiere of the RTX 30XX doesn’t take away from the fact that they have incredibly powerful devices in their hands. And yes ̵

1; that is an achievement for which they paid a lot. However, no one forced them to make this purchase. First, just buying top models just before the next generation comes in is ALWAYS a misplaced idea, and second – technology advances and eventually a more efficient and cheaper model would appear anyway. The fact that it happened in the next generation is definitely not Nvidia’s “fault”.

Looking at the performance of the RTX 3070, I think Nvidia could have charged $ 100, $ 200, or even $ 300 more for it, and I’m convinced that the price would be “acceptable” anyway. After all, consumer electronics have been more expensive for years – flagship smartphones, computers and components are becoming more and more expensive from generation to generation. Meanwhile, the $ 3,070 is $ 499, the $ 3,080 699, and the $ 3,090 is $ 1,499. This is, in my opinion, one of the most consumer-friendly behaviors I’ve seen in companies in years. The generational leap is not only palpable, but also – the company has made it possible (thanks to the lower price) to give access to a much larger group of consumers than was expected before the premiere.

Hence, I don’t understand people’s complaints about Nvidia’s policies at all. It is in our best interest as consumers that as many companies as possible offer the best quality at the lowest possible value. So I sincerely hope that after all it does not deal with the complaints of a small group of people.

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