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Presentation of the Public Media Award 2019. The TVP and Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz employees have won

"I'm touched: eleven years ago, late Andrzej Urbański received these awards as a link between the cultural world and the media world, a print run was successfully carried out, later we were brought out of the media, the prizes were released and the public media should "These words were the opening of the Gala of Public Media Awards 2019, Krzysztof Czabański, Chairman of the National Media Council.

"Now that real money has been put into the media, we have been able to enrich the program offer and reactivate the prizes."

The money is indeed considerable – each of the winners received PLN 100,000 such as Polityka's passports and Nike, which Krzysztof Czabański described in interviews as a "private patronage" and regretted that they were subordinate to political goals.

Reactivated public media awards went to:

  • Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz in the category curated by the Polish press agency " Word ";
  • Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski in the category" Image ", curated by TVP;
  • Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski in the category" Music ".

What awards?

Media Awards Public prizes are awarded to outstanding and respected While the above "Private Patronage" prizes were awarded for significant achievements in the previous year (as well as the Pu blic Media Awards 2008), the state patronage has rather vague requirements.

The justification for the nomination was, for example:

  • "An unprecedented contribution to the development of bourgeois journalism and the revival of patriotic values, as well as excellent research and educational activities to answer the basic question: what was Polish and what is Polish?" ̵
    1; this is about prof. Andrzej Nowaku, nominated in the category "Word";
  • "An inexorable search for the spirit of Polish both in history and today and for a masterly account in his poems, essays and dramas" – it is about the nomination of Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz, as it turned out – laureate.

But the nominations were honestly and reasonably approved because, as Krzysztof Czabański emphasized:

"We have appointed very honorable chapters of respected cultural representatives, acting on their own responsibility, based solely on criteria of culture and art Personnel camps guarantee this. "

At the beginning of the day, in an interview with Radio One, he recalled that the media council had no control over the decisions of independent, outstanding chapters:

" We are only the ones who initiated and financed these prizes, but they also put Polish culture on the air and are not guided by censorship or political considerations. "

TVP for Right-wing and TVP

A Polish television commissioner independent chapter awarding prizes and nominations in the category "Picture". It looked like this:

  • Krzysztof Ziemiec – TVP News Moderator;
  • Przemysław Babiarz – TVP sports journalist;
  • Halina Łabonarska – actress, played, among others, in "Smolensk", "The Crown of Kings", privately the mother of the award winner Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski;
  • Piotr Bernatowicz – art critic, curator, former director of the Arsenal City Gallery (OKO wrote about his involvement in the hunt for the gallery under new direction), currently director of public broadcasting in Poznan;
  • Adam Bujak – photographer, known mainly as a photographer Karol Wojtyła.

The winner was Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski, a theater director with whom he collaborated with, among others, the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw, but in recent years primarily associated with the TVP Television Theater and most notably the Polish Radio Theater Festival and the Polish Radio Television Theater "Two Theaters" awarded. In 2018 he also made the TV cabaret TVP "La La Poland". The fact that he is the son of a member of the chapter discredits the "independence" of the Public Media Awards.

Other nominations of Polish television in the category "picture":

  • Wojciech Korkuć – awarded in Poland and Poland as "outstanding illustrator and graphic designer" Abroad "is the author of scandalous posters such as" Making reparations free ", a member of Moral Hygiene Movement, privately associated with the City Poster Company, which distributes its columns to PiS politicians, including radical anti-refugee and anti-German initiatives (we've written more about its activities in the text .) German, give back, what your grandfather has taken. "Posters of the Redoute of the Good Name in Warsaw)
  • Zbigniew Rytel – former athlete year TVP sports journalist His latest work is the TVP-produced film" One Hundred Years of Polish Sport ";
  • Bolesław Pawica – director and TV producer, as announced during the gala: "Creators of galas and television screenings – the Opole Festival, Vigil with the Holy Father, a series of commemorative events Stulecia regains its independence ";
  • Krzysztof Talczewski – director and scriptwriter, his last film "Independence" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence was funded by, among others, Polsat TV, but also TVP together with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Rymkiewicz with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" after 2011

"The most outstanding living poet, incomparable essayist and polemicist" – the winner of the word category, Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz, was announced. The poet and prose writer has been nominated several times for Nike ("Private Patronage") – the last time in 2011. In 2003, he was even the winner of this award. And although the Public Media Awards Gala has been known for a long time to be known in the world of culture, his recent accomplishments have been most emphatically highlighted.

This is among other things the process of 2011 for words about the publisher of Gazeta Wyborcza as "the spiritual heirs of KPP". , Also cited the best poem Rymkiewicza or "Warsaw Śródmieście – Milanówek at 23.42", selection of the corresponding fragment: [ForMazowszeyoumyfamilycountry
I do not know what your guys are dying for [19659002]] And the time here is like a skull – shattered and empty
And a blizzard went down the tracks and cried in headscarves

When I cried, I would like to have no other monument than this cry
It was a Photo in the blood of Michnik's corpse

The sad lights of Brwinów approach
Tomorrow there will be another head in the newspaper

But who is like me – he is born in this country
the same car

The LaRator associated with "DoRźtwa" The literary critic Krzysztof Masłoń also mentioned Rymkiewicz's poem "To Jarosław Kaczyński". He also recalled a fragment of poetry and prose:

"I was very surprised that there are people in the world who are not Poles, and I thought it was a terrible punishment not to be Polish. .). "Something has remained in me of this childish conviction."

"And thank God it has remained that way," Masłoń quoted the quoted fragments. "Dear ladies, read Rymkiewicz There is nothing more valuable and interesting."

"Word" belongs to the Right

The category "Word", which was supervised by the Polish Press Agency, was also nominated:

  • Antoni Libera – a well-known prose writer, a respected translator; [19659006] prof. Andrzej Nowak – a conservative historian who often appears in the public media as a critic of the opposition, the "left" and the LGBT. His senator Jan Żaryn declared him the "most outstanding Polish historian"
  • prof. Włodzimierz Bolecki – literary historian, professor at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences;
  • Andrzej Horubała – from 2013 to 2018 in connection with "DoRzeczy" (he resigned after the conflict by the tweet Rafał Ziemkiewicz, who is currently working at the Polish Institute of Art, from the post of Vice President from Filmowa.

It is Antoni Libera, Włodzimierz Bolecki and Andrzej Nowak are frequent guests of right-wing panels, everyone is friends with Bronisław Wildstein, whose books they recommend and praise.

Special awards also for TVP staff

One of them went to Andrzej Dobosz, a well-known literary critic, writer and unprofessional "Cruise" actor, and for a few months also a columnist for TVP Tygodnik.

Another "special prize" by Jacek Kurski personally. "It was a special year, the centenary of Poland's independence s Anniversary was TVP's biggest challenge in recent years, "announced the head of TVP. And he gave Krzysztof Talczewski the prize for the film "Independence", which they refer to as "the most outstanding documentary of recent years, a kind of magnum opus".

Talczewski's film was funded by Telewizja Polsat, MWM Media, but also received financial and promotional support from TVP and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

"Music" without

Although the categories "image" and "word" were dominated by creators selected from an ideological key and therefore often marginal and functioning at the boundaries of cultural life, nominations became in the category Awarded "Music". The sponsor was the Polish Radio, which invited, inter alia, to the chapter Krystyna Prońko and Krzysztof Penderecki.

Winner was the legendary jazz musician Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, the other nominees in this category are:

  • Marek Moś – violinist and composer;
  • Janusz Prusinowski – violinist;
  • Józef Skrzek – multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer;
  • Agata Zubel – singer and composer3 Zubel was also the only woman among 15 artists to be nominated in three categories

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