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Ryszard Czarnecki interviewed by Kra¶ka. “I understand that Zbigniew Ziobro was on the menu?” “No!” | politics

The MP for Law and Justice, Ryszard Czarnecki, commented on the background to the conflict in the United Right in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN 24. Because of his education, the guide, Piotr Kraśko, referred to the story in an interview with him. The politician got a little tangled in answering.

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Why was there a conflict in the United Right?

Czarnecki about Kraśka’s fire questions. “Zbigniew Ziobro was on the menu”

– Remember, it was the year 1

077, and Emperor Henry IV wanted to appease Pope Gregory VII, he walked to Canossa, undressed, put on a penitential sack, and knelt for hours, maybe days in the snow, finally the Pope he forgave (…). And what does Zbigniew Ziobro have to do to get the PiS leadership to say “we are together”? – Kraśko started.

– As a historian, of course I know these events, I also know their consequences … It paid off for the German Kaiser in terms of the effects … – said Czarnecki.

– – Because seven years later he invaded Rome and threw the Pope out? – answered the journalist.

– Um … It was worth going to Canossa in a political sense, this saying that has passed into the language of popular culture … And maybe the analogies are not quite right here – Czarnecki continued. – It makes no sense to pretend otherwise and to deceive yourself and others: at the moment we are dealing with the worst political crisis in the middle of the coalition of the United Right in six years. (…) The days of massage and endless negotiations are over. Time for a decision, of course I think Jarosław Kaczyñski has a plan and knows what to do – he added.

Czarnecki was also asked about the PiS politicians’ meeting that took place in Krakow on Friday. Although Ryszard Terlecki officially referred to it as “dinner”, journalists reported that important decisions about the fate of the ruling coalition were made there. Marian Banas could also be seen in front of the building.

– Was Marian Banaś involved in this meeting until 2 a.m. or not? asked Kraśko.

– I thought you’d ask about the menu and what to eat.

– I understand that Zbigniew Ziobro was on the menu? Kraśko answered.

– no! Czarnecki replied quickly. – Please do not trivialize the problem, however. Mr. Marian Banas, President of the Supreme Audit Office, was not present at this meeting – he added. As Czarnecki pointed out, the meeting took the form of a “very long and serious conversation about Poland”.

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