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The employee has to look like a million dollars and earns 2,300 zloty. Banks donate costumes? [PKO BP, Pekao, ING, Pocztowy, Paribas – 16.06.2019]

– We have a business outfit, but what is the financing of elegant clothes if you have 2300 zloty in salary? – asks a member of the branch in Bydgoszcz a well-known bank, that they "disguised" in Lumpexen. Banks are reluctant to contribute to the cost of clothing.

– The boss recently said we should look like a million dollars – says a worker from another bank.

White blouse with a scarf

Adds: – We looked at each other, where the girls had the common expeditions to the dresses for white blouses, jackets, black skirts, trousers and even shoes in mind. Often we wear clothes for 10 zloty, as the prices for elegant clothes in stores are deterrent, we can not afford this! Unfortunately, even the employer would like to contribute. It requires an outfit, as if it would pay at least five thousand.

What should the clothes of a bank employee look like? ̵

1; Anita Chmara Business coach and coach from Bydgoszcz, said in an interview with "Pomorska" : – Bank is a financial institution whose clients want to be sure that they are with a secure and cooperate stable society. Employees must therefore prove with their attitude, demeanor and approach to the customer that this is the case. That's why women always need a jacket and a skirt, trousers or a simple dress. Good if the colors are muted. The bench has ash, navy blue, graphite and black. Blouses can be white, cream and blue, some banks allow black, but it is usually assumed that the blouse is lighter. In business outfits, the pants are also acceptable, although skirts are always better. But if we decide on a pair of pants, remember that it has to be long and not seven to eight and fits.

That's the way it should be, but unfortunately it costs. In certain banks we asked how their employees dress, whether they wear company uniforms and whether they have the opportunity to co-finance elegant clothing.

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– The dress code applies. It is part of the corporate culture. When creating the internal dress code, we used the best models of a universal business dress. We focused on classic suits or suits in pomegranate colors, dark shades of gray, with pastel-colored shirts and accessories. It is important for the employee to look and feel good at the same time – says Lidia Sosnowska from the press office PKO BP adding that employees are paying for the cost of clothing.

– We do not have company uniforms. There are special clothing rules. The bank does not participate in the cost of buying clothes – they explain in the press office Pekao S.A.

– According to our standards, we expect the employees to be disguised as companies that cater to the customers in our facilities. However, the clothing standard we use only describes a specific frame of how it should look, so that nobody has doubts about it. But they are not official uniforms, and we do not pay extra for the outfit – informs Bartosz Trzciński, spokesman of Bank Pocztowy .

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A specific dress code applies to BNP Paribas stores as well: – Consultants, however, do not have uniform corporate outfits. The only permanent elements are ties and identifiers for men. Employees buy clothes themselves – explains Karolina Kozakiewicz from the press office BNP Paribas .

We were only answered by ING Bank Śląski and here is a pleasant surprise: – The main and obligatory element of the dress code standard are white shirts with the bank's brand elements, which the bank buys 100% and finance. Other clothing items are the responsibility of the employees. Ties are also needed in selected groups, for example in specialty shops, for men we pay for, "reveals Ewa Szerszeń, spokesman for ING

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Violations of clothing rules can have unpleasant consequences for the employee, such as financial sanctions, admonitions, reprimands, etc. It is rare for body shattering to be the cause of disciplinary dismissals, but such Situations have also taken place in which even the Supreme Court has said that he gave the right to dismiss the employee on disciplinary grounds for inappropriate clothing, but only if the company suffers financial losses as a result also for offices or offices, this does not apply to media, brand ting, PR and artists. These professions defend independence and are not committed to strict corporate standards.


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