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The first event in Borderlands 3 takes place in October

October begins in eight days, which means that content appears in many productions that are somehow related to Halloween. That's the way it is. As we learned during the Borderlands Show (you can see the recording here, by the way), the latest production from the Gearbox Software studio will be no exception in this case too. We did not know much about the first event in Borderlands 3 – it would appear shortly after the release of the game. But now we know that it will happen much sooner than we thought – Bloody Harvest will begin in early October .

If you are afraid to find spoilers for the game, you should better save this text for later as soon as you pass Borderlands 3 . For some, it can be a spoiler, not for others ̵

1; so you read at your own risk.   Source: Forbes

The game becomes a new, terrifying card, weapons, skins for heroes and frightening boss . All content will be available to players who have already left Pandora in main campaign mode and have the opportunity to travel between different planets . The event Bloody Harvest will take approximately one and a half months . Thus, possessed enemies will appear in the galaxy while being a sort of pass to a new location After being killed by the creature's corpse, a ghost will escape . If we defeat this spirit, we will get a small hectoplasm that we can bring back to Maurice & # 39; ow – it will appear aboard Sanctuary III and open access to the event's card .

In addition to the much dreadful Halloween versions of the enemies we know, there's going to be a brand new boss – Captain Haunt, who is the captain's version. Tracing Forces Through Several Fierce Attacks . Add to this Legendary Weapons and Frictions thanks to which we can use the same weaknesses that apply to the above-mentioned ghosts. And of course we will have the opportunity to test new skins for Vault Hunters and Weapons .

Borderlands 3 debuted on 1 [19659014am3September2019 on PCs (originally only available in the Epic Games Store ), Consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

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