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The Polish “Żywy Ken” answers Gojdzi: “I have a mouth like a baboon for you, you have a nose for me that can be braked.”

I have to admit that recently polish “Alive Ken” becomes real in his “career” Renaissance. Although the fiduciary fortune teller made his show business debut two years ago, subsequent plastic surgeries followed and the most recent admission that is the father of a 4 year old boy.

A few days earlier Michał Przybyłowicz (because that’s his real name) He bragged about another, highly invasive surgery that helped him get rid of it “Undeveloped Breast Complex”

;. Although the 26-year-old has just implanted breast implants, “Ken” is already planning further treatments because the effect achieved by the doctor – as he said in an interview with A box – – too natural. The actions of the rising celebrity decided to comment another well-known attentive, Krzysztof Gojdź. In an extensive post that was published on Facebook, the founder of the aesthetic medicine clinic criticized colleagues who “You are hurt” Przybyłowicz, by the way give him a helping hand.


The Polish “Żywy Ken” on the relationship with his son: “I will try to bury this family sphere and not to leave it.”

We decided to ask Michał what he thought of Gojdzia’s “generous” proposal. It turns out this isn’t the first time a prominent doctor has offered to help Ken, which is easy, according to Michael the fortune teller a desperate attempt to attract attention at his own expense.

For a moment, I wondered how I would respond to the words of the self-proclaimed “star surgeon” Dr. Gojdzia should refer – Pudelek revealed “Living Ken”. I understand that he must have connected with one of the louder topics of the past few days. In the end, I get injected enough to explode. The point is that he is a “doctor” and people in Poland think that the doctor is always right.


The truth is that Dr. Gojdź negatively influenced me two years ago and suggested a visit to his clinic. As you can see, I didn’t use it (there had to be a reason for it), so any other such suggestion or even imposing it is tactless. I’m such a person that I don’t put my shoes on in places where I’m politely rejected. This gentleman is clearly obsessed with me. I understand that a career in Florida or wherever it is has not started and you have to look for a starting point in Poland again …

Michał did not fail to question Krzysztof’s abilities and wondered if anyone would even use his services. He noticed that too he would not allow Gojdz to meddle in his face to find treasure.

The only thing that makes me laugh is when he defends the natural effect so fiercely and claims that he doesn’t do “cartoon characters” – as he put it. The truth is I know some people who have used its services and it is not a natural effect. Thanks, but I won’t use it. For you I have a mouth like a baboon, for me you can have a nose that can be used to brake trams, and as you can see, each of us has a different sense of beauty and aesthetics. Sincerely and warmly – finished.

Do you think the Polish “Żywy Ken” should consider Gojdzia’s offer?


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