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Tomaz Komenda was heard by prosecutors

Tomasz Komenda arrived in front of the prosecutor's office at 9am on Friday and said outside the building's entrance that he hoped his statement would be enough to convict the guilty party. He clarified who he thought: – Police officers, prosecutors and my "pseudo-addict" – told reporters

I do not wish anyone I've been through, and I really want these people to feel for a moment how I felt 18 years

– he added before the hearing

Tomasz Komenda interrogated by prosecutors

The Łódź Procuratorate is investigating the abolition of the rights and incompetence of prosecutors; Policemen convicted of the murder and rape of 1

5-year-old Małgorzata K. | Ledczy negotiated in court, came to Wrocław, where they interviewed on 24 and 25 May a total of 12 people. Among them were: the prosecutor against Tomasz Komenda – Tomasz Fedyk, who led the case in the initial phase – Marek Janczyński, Renata Procyk-Jończyk, who was the first prosecutor to direct the case, and head of the prosecutor's office in Wrocławiu, Katarzyna Boć -Orzechowska

On Friday, Tomasz Komenda was interviewed for the third time – for the first time the psychological state of the man did not allow him to be heard. It worked the second time and also on Friday. However, as spokesman for the district prosecutor Krzysztof Kopania said, more is likely to be needed.

Tomasz Komenda left the prosecutor's office of Wrocław at 1 pm and confirmed in a conversation with journalists that further hearings will take place in July. In addition to Tomasz Komenda, a police officer, three prosecutors and an employee of the prosecution will testify.

Tomasz Komenda told reporters that during the Friday meeting he had made detailed statements that would not "make people feel [winne – red.] unpunished". He added that even if the culprit were convicted by the accused, he could not compensate for the damage suffered. – But I'll be satisfied that I did not give up until the end – he added

The worst is still ahead of me. It was not possible today for me to testify with my person what happened in the penitentiaries. (…) Today's events involved more interrogation and treatment at the police station

– Tomasz Komenda explained

I was not beaten there. I was tortured

– he said, adding that "such things are not forgotten."

When asked if he counts that the word "apology" falls at some point, he replied: – Honest? I am three months old and have not heard the word "I'm sorry" – said Komenda.

Tomasz Komenda acquitted

Tomasz Komenda On December 31, 1996, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for rape and murder of a 15-year-old Małgorzata K. He served his sentence in Zakad Karny in Strzelin. Tomasz Komenda after 18 years in prison in March this year. he was released from the prison court at the district court in Wrocław subject to his sentence. On May 16, he was acquitted by the Supreme Court

Ireneusz M. was arrested in June 2017. He heard the allegation of rape with the particular cruelty and murder of Małgorzata K.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki granted Tomasz Komeda a special pension in high amount of 4,000 zlotys a month until he receives compensation, which can amount to PLN 10 million

He spent 18 years in prison. The prosecutor: He is innocent. Tomasz Komenda was out of the blue

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