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Watch for litchi fruits. After his meal, 31 children died. Who are they threatening? [16.06.2019]

Polish apples or strawberries are sometimes replaced by exotic fruits – in this group there are, for example, lychees in supermarkets. Its sweet and sour taste can still be enjoyed, but it's worth paying attention to who we serve. On the Internet there was information about subsequent deaths after eating the lychee.

In the last 10 days after the consumption of lychee more than 30 children should die, o2.pl service. Eaten lychee caused acute encephalitis in small Indian residents. Children died in hospitals in the city of Muzaffarpur, where lychee is bred. The intensive care units will have another 40 children.

Why do children die after eating lychee?

This year's cases of children who have become terminally ill after consuming lychee are not the first. In the aforementioned city of Muzaffarpur and the surrounding villages, doctors diagnose encephalitis every year for eating the fruits discussed. The website o2.pl states that the worst year of 201

4 was when 150 people died.

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The disease, which is in lychee, is a disease. According to the portal, some years ago, American scientists found out that the lychee contains dangerous substances for MCPG and hypoglycine A. " The risk associated with consuming this fruit is mainly for malnourished children eating lychees on an empty stomach, and deaths have been reported in India and Vietnam ."

Chinese lychee is an Asian fruit also known as Chinese plum, lychee or tasty twins is called.

Which fruits are cultivated most frequently in Poland?

2018 Harvesting of fruit from trees The Central Statistical Office provided 4.5 million tonnes and nearly 0.6 million tonnes of bush fruit.

  • 4 million tons of apples
  • 90 thousand tons of pears
  • 121 thousand tons of plums
  • 200 thousand tons of cherries
  • 59 thousand tons of cherries
  • 196 thousand tons of strawberries and strawberries
  • 115 thousand tons of raspberries
  • 11.5 thousand tons of gooseberry
  • 164 thousand tons of currants

According to the forecast of the Institute of Agriculture and Food Industry "the share of direct consumption in the allocation of fruit offer in the season 2018/19 will be 26%, compared to 32% in the previous season and the share of the vegetable supply will increase 43% stay. "

Sources: o2.pl, CSO, IERiGŻ
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