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Wirtualna Polska – everything is important

Despite her great financial situation, the actress spent a long time looking for her own apartment. She explained the reasons for this situation.

Anna Mucha has not come off the screens of cinemas or televisions in years. She currently plays in the series “M jak miłość”, is a juror in the program “Dance Dance Dance”, plays in the theater and we will soon see her in the film “Kogel Mogel 4”.

Despite the many activities, the star’s calendar is not always tight. Mucha admits that when she decided to act, she knew it was a very insecure profession.

“Kogel-Mogel 4”. Happy Anna Mucha returned to the film set. “It’s absolutely wonderful!”

– When I saw what the actor’s life is like, I knew that this is not a life that would make me feel safe. Eternal striving and failure. Worried when I’m good enough. Waiting for strokes, for applause. Looking at friends who are transforming from beautiful women to transparent ones. And a lot of financial uncertainty – she said in an interview with “High Heels”.

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