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ZUS pensioners can earn less. Extra income influences ongoing benefits [17.09.2019 r.]

Every retiree has the right to earn extra money. However, he has to keep in mind that additional revenue can influence whether ZUS will suspend or reduce its performance.

Retired people who have reached retirement age (60 years for women and 65 years for men) can increase their retirement without any restrictions.

Some retirees can also earn extra money. These are persons who receive pensions for war invalids, military invalids whose inability to work is related to military service, and family pensions for those entitled to these benefits. Older pensioners and other retirees who have not yet reached retirement age, however, have to remember their earnings limit.

<a class = "componentsArticleGallery__mainImgLink lazyload" href = "https://pomorska.pl/tak-ludzie-nadukujeaja-zwolnien-lekarskich-zus-kontroluje-zwolencji-chorobowe-i-odbiera-zasilki/ 14418553 / zd / 38603771 "title =" The Kujawsko-Pomeranian Social Insurance Institution has examined more than 17.3 thousand people on sick leave in the first half of the year, with controls mainly for those who frequently require short-term use of L4 from various doctors or physicians. that people who once had to pay for ill-fetching sick leave. See the most bizarre situations facing ZUS regional controllers and Poles: People have lost their jobs and benefits – accidents in life do people abuse their sick leave? >>>

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This is how people abuse the sick leave. ZUS controls the …

The new thresholds apply to the period from September 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019 . During this time, seniors who receive early retirement and invalidity pensioners can earn up to PLN 3,387.50 without extra money. If you earn more than 70% of your sales average monthly salary, but not higher than 130% Of this salary (PLN 6 291.10), this benefit will be reduced by the amount you have exceeded, but not more than the amount of the maximum reduction.

In the case of old-age and disability pensions for total incapacity for work, these are PLN 599.04, partial incapacity pensions – PLN 449.31 – and the survivor's pension for one person – PLN 509.22. – However, if the income exceeds 130 percent. The average salary, d. H. the amount of PLN 6,291.10, is blocked by ZUS for the payment of benefits – says K rystyna Michałek, regional spokeswoman for ZUS Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship.

As he adds, from 1 September of this year. The amount of income that can be received by persons receiving a social pension will also be lower. It amounts to PLN 3,387.50, but after exceeding it is suspended and not reduced.


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