Detroit – Two women and two men are dead after two shootings Monday morning in a Sunoco gas station and a nearby one Quarter on the west side of Detroit, police say.

The police believe the shootings are related, and the first one happened around 8:40 am Monday at the gas station on the corner of Fenkell and Beaverland near Telegraph.

Romulus and Detroit police have identified the suspect as Gregory Anthony Davis, 27. He is also named George Anthony David.

Metro Detroit's police are looking for the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.

Romulus police officers said they believe Davis could go to their city. They also said they believe he has traded cars and is now driving in a black Ford Fusion with Michigan license plate number BQB 4526.

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Jacqueline Pritchett, a commander of the 8th Detroit Police Department, said on Monday that investigator three of Davis & # 39; have identified victims.

She said the investigators believe that the victims were the mother of the suspect's child, a neighbor who drove her to work, and a local church pastor, the police said they were pumping the gas.

Pritchett said that the suspect had attacked the three at the gas station, had fled to the house of a family member in the block 15100 of Faust Avenue and there mortally shot his adult male cousin.

The suspect was traveling in a Ford Fusion before leaving the car and entering a blue Nissan Altima 2007. The Nissan has a temporary license plate

The suspect was recently arrested, a new father and police said he had been in touch with his mother telling him to face himself.

Davis received a second-degree domestic invasion conviction in 2008, a conviction for carrying a hidden weapon in 2008, and a 2011 conviction a stolen car, he was in 2016 to Angab The Michigan Department of Corrections is suspended on probation.

Pritchett said the first shooting came from a quarrel between a man driving a gray sedan and the inmates of a silver dodge trip.

"The (suspect) went to the Dodge and he and a passenger a conversation," she said. The suspect drew a pistol and started firing into the vehicle. Then he shoots the man who pumps gasoline into the Dodge.

Pritchett said the investigators are checking the gas station's video security systems, saying that the gas station is not participating in the city's Greenlight security project.

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