LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) – St. Matthews police this afternoon arrested 29-year-old Thor Wiljanen and charged him with terrorist threats for Twitter posts on Trinity High School on Wednesday Thursday's quotes cancel lawyers.

No bond has been issued for Wiljanen.

"This was not a threat," said Defense Attorney Ted Shouse, who along with his legal advisor Keith Poynter represented lawyer Wiljanen. "This was an attempt of humor, an attempt of satire – a poor attempt – but it was meant to be dubious and does not pose a threat to the community or the school."

Wiljanen, who lives in Louisville, goes to the Twitter handle "PROUD CLARION."

St. Matthews police said in an e-mail message on Thursday afternoon that Wiljanen had "made a full confession, saying that he was the Twitter channel known as" Proud Clarion "and the transmitter of the Tweets of Trouble on Trinity HS."

Wiljanen was taken to the Louisville Metro Correction around 2:45 pm, the police said.

The lawyers contacted the police on Thursday at 7:30 am, and Wiljanen was arrested after 2:00 pm at the law firm, Shouse said.

At a news conference on Thursday morning, St. Matthews Deputy Police Chief Tony Cobaugh told reporters that the Louisville Metro police had contacted them on Wednesday night to burn news on Twitter school.

Cobaugh said the posts contained the words "gas can" and "matches."

A tweet read, "If Jeff Brohm does not come, we'll burn Trinity down."

Screenshots were taken before the tweets were deleted. The picture on the account is a picture of former US football coach Howard Schnellenberger.

"In today's world, the St. Matthews Police Department has no choice but to take such threats seriously, especially when it's a school our own community," Cobaugh said.

The trustees of Trinity were contacted immediately and decided to cancel the lesson on Thursday. St. Matthews police appealed to Louisville's FBI and Metro Police for police patrolling the property

FBI Special Agent Christie Curtis joined Cobaugh in the press conference. It is unclear whether investigators receive the user's screen name and information directly from Twitter, and the investigative techniques do not identify the person responsible for the threats.

Curtis said the FBI works closely with LMPD and the St. Matthews Police.

Cobaugh said, "No one at His Point has any idea who this person is, where they are, where they are, what their station is in life," but said the person was being charged with terrorist threats , a class D crime

said Cobaugh Detective Mark Richardson led the investigation and closed the press conference by encouraging the person who triggered the threat to call.

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