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Police arrest son of ex-NFL player Barry Bennett, who is accused of murdering parents

LONG PRAIRIE, Minn. – According to the authorities, the son of a former NFL line officer accused of murdering his parents in Minnesota was arrested on Saturday in Mexico. Dylan John Bennett was arrested on Saturday in Cancún for second-degree murder.

Authorities said Bennett approached County Sheriff Steve Och earlier in the day to contact the FBI. However, a sheriff's official statement said that the Mexican authorities had arrested them before they could get the information.

"The FBI is currently taking him into custody and will take him to Minnesota in the coming days," the statement said. 1

9659002] The bodies of 63-year-old Barry Bennett and his wife Carol were found Wednesday at their home in Long Prairie, a city of about 3,500 residents, 124 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Her death was considered manslaughter due to gunfire.

According to a lawsuit, Dylan Bennett's car was loaded with an empty box for a 9mm pistol and ammunition at the scene.

Investigators believe the Bennetts were killed Monday. The complaint alleged that Carol Bennett, who would have been 64 on Thursday, was shot several times in the back and torso. The 63-year-old Barry Bennett was shot several times in the upper body and in the head.

According to a lawsuit, Barry Bennett had been thinking in December at the Todd County Sheriff's Office of killing his parents while he was in a mental condition treatment facility.

The criminal complaint describes how the authorities have persecuted the family in recent days.

Barry Bennett was seen in Long Prairie around noon on Monday. On Monday, Dylan Bennett was seen on a bank transfer with his car, in which a large sum of cash was deducted from the Bennetts account.

Carol Bennett's credit and debit cards were used in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Her car was found in Columbus, Ohio. Dylan Bennett had a ticket for a flight from Columbus to Cancun.

Barry Bennett has played eleven seasons with the New Orleans Saints, the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings.

The Star Tribune reported that Bennett had retired from physical education in Long Prairie. Superintendent Jon Kringen said Bennett rarely talked about his NFL career unless someone asked.

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