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Police confiscated 10 firearms from Brad Parscale and placed him in psychiatric care after an apparent suicide attempt

The wife of President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, feared he was suicidal and said she saw him load a gun before she heard “a loud bang,” police documents revealed on Monday as she escaped.

Parscale was knocked to the ground by SWAT officers for disobeying orders and detained under state guidelines that allowed an involuntary commitment to mental illness, police reports from Fort Lauderdale, Florida showed.

Candice Parscale called the police on Sunday afternoon and said she and the prominent GOP politician had “a verbal argument”

; at her home on DeSota Drive in Fort Lauderdale, according to a report by Officer Timothy Skaggs.

“Candace (sic), after a verbal argument, advised Bradley manipulate his sled backwards and load his gun in front of him,” Skaggs reported. “Candace fled the apartment immediately, saying that she heard a loud bang shortly afterwards.”

Moments later, however, it was clear that Brad Parscale was not injured.

“Candace said they realized Bradley didn’t shoot himself when they heard Bradley frolicking around the residence and the dog barking frantically,” Skaggs continued. “However, they feared that Bradley might still try to shoot himself as he was in possession of several firearms and refused to leave the residence.”

Police eventually spoke to Parscale on a landline phone and persuaded him to leave the house, police said. But when he went out, the police yelled “Get on the ground” five times and he didn’t follow, according to a report from Sgt. Matthew Moceri.

Parscale is at least 6-foot-6, and Moceri described him as “considerably taller than me”.

“I have initiated a double leg loss,” Moceri wrote. “I lowered my level and wrapped both arms around the subject’s lower body while applying forward pressure on the subject’s midsection with my forehead.”

Fort Lauderdale police also released an edited bodycam video from one of the local officers on Monday.

It showed Parscale emerging from a house and walking into the driveway with a can in his right hand. He put the drink on the back of a pickup truck and tried to speak to the officers before shouting several times, “Get on the ground!” Can be heard.

Parscale did not move immediately before an officer from Parscales right stormed in to attack him. Parscale repeatedly said, “I did nothing” when he was flattened, rolled onto his stomach, and handcuffed.

Several local police officers reported that Parscale smelled of alcohol.

“Brad Parscale was very excited about the situation and I could smell a strong odor coming from his breath and body that I realized might be from alcoholic beverages,” said investigator Steven Smith.

After subjecting Parscale, officers confiscated 10 firearms, including two shotguns, two rifles and several handguns, from Parscale, according to the incident report. According to investigator Christopher Wilson, officers also picked up a shirt and pair of shoes for Parscale to wear at the hospital.

Officer Skaggs also noted on his report that he saw several bruises on Candice Parscale’s arm. She said she had it “a few days ago during an argument with Bradley that she didn’t report,” according to Skaggs.

Fort Lauderdale Police released an edited replay of real estate agent Terry Behal’s 911 call with Candice Parscale. The woman had left her home and came across Behal, who showed a house on the block, before they both spoke to the police from the agent’s car.

In this shot, Behal spotted the same bruises that Skaggs quoted and asked, “Oh my god, your arm, your two arms. Did he hurt you?”

Just as Behal was asking the question, police and a fire truck arrived and the two women turned to first responders when the call ended.

South Miami attorney Alex Almazan, who represented the couple in a real estate dispute last year, described Brad and Candice Parscale as “wonderful people” but declined to comment when reached on NBC News Monday.

Parscale had run Trump’s re-election campaign before he was downgraded on July 15 and replaced by deputy Bill Stepien, who was also a seasoned Republican agent.

Weeks earlier, the Trump campaign had been embarrassed by an overwhelming crowd at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which had been billed as the President’s main opening event.

Trump has tracked his rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, in a number of national and battlefield state polls.

If you or someone you know is exposed to domestic violence, call the national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, write HOME at 741741, or visit SpeakingOfSuicide.com/resources for more resources.

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