MUNCIE, Ind. – Police investigating a report leaving two boys aged 7 and 4 at home and said . "Home Alone" on TV.

This 1990 movie features the adventures of an eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin after he was accidentally left behind when his family spent Christmas holidays in Paris.

Investigators said The circumstances that left the Muncie boys alone at home on Tuesday were not an accident. The boy's mother – 25-year-old Taylor Joann Cumings – is said to have taken the older child home from school to watch his younger brother was under the weather when she went to her job at the Youth Opportunity Center ,

The police entered the family at 12:45. after the Dispatchers received an anonymous tip about the adolescents.

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"Home Alone". represented Culkin's efforts to fend off two would-be burglars. The Muncie boys were also scared when adults appeared in their apartment, although the visitors were police officers and not stupid criminals.

When an officer knocked on the door, the older child looked through blinds and shouted, "It's the police!

Then he ran to a telephone and called his aunt, reports were out there and he was scared.

The aunt came quickly and persuaded the boys to open the front door, and the officer handed him toys that he did

Cumings came home later, saying that she had been at her job since seven in the morning, and after finding no babysitter she decided to "leave the older child at school and (his younger brother). "

The mother said," She had done it before, but almost always stayed with her children or had a babysitter, "an officer wrote.

Cumings was arrested outside the view of her children for delinquent negligence by a member of the Delaware County jail on Wednesday under a $ 10,000 bond.

A child services officer said the boys could stay in their home under the care of their aunt.

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