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Police sniff out suspects after a loud fart has revealed its hiding place – BGR

We like to believe that we have control of our own body and, in most cases, it does. Sometimes the forces of nature are against you, and for a felon in Missouri, it happened at the very worst moment. In a Facebook post, Clay County's Sherrif section tells a story many of us identify with, and in this case, has landed a suspect in handcuffs.

In search of a suspect with a warrant for his arrest, police officers were apparently alerted to his whereabouts when the person could not stand a big fart.

The Facebook post contains few details and does not include the name of the suspect or many details of what they were searched for. All we know is that they had a crime related to possession of a control substance and may or may not have taken a big meal at Taco Bell 8 to 1

2 hours previously.

"If you have a criminal offense for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you are gasping so loud that it gives up your hiding place. You definitely have one 💩 day, "wrote the department in the Facebook post. Adding "#ItHappened."

In a subsequent commentary, the department offered another tidbit along with another eloquent dash to the suspect:

The person was arrested over the weekend for holding a warrant against Clay County for possessing a Controlled Substance.

We have to give Liberty PD props because they sniffed him with their senses!

Law enforcement officers have a lot to do in their day to day work, as well as a badly timed farts was probably a highlight of their week. Last but not least, it has made their job a little easier.

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