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Pompeo proposes a Mar-a-Lago violation tied to Chinese espionage

Pompeo declined to provide further details on this claim during the interview on "CBS This Morning," but said: "I think that tells the Americans the threat that China poses to their efforts United States states not only against government officials, but wider. "

CNN reported Wednesday that the FBI had begun investigating the possibility that the incident in Trump's Mar-a-Lago possession was a spy reaction. [19659002] The US official, who confirmed the investigation into espionage, said the FBI is doing what it's supposed to do in these circumstances, if a foreigner is involved and there is the potential for counter-intelligence or cyber-security issues.

Trump raised concerns "No, I'm not worried at all," he said.

The President described it as "Random situation" and praised both the intelligence service and the receptionist, who stopped Zhang.

"The result is that they could get her, and she is suffering from the consequences now," he said.

While the FBI has not disclosed yet whether the incident is related to Chinese espionage, Pompeo said Wednesday Investigators are "scrutinizing" this possibility and suggesting that the infringement may be related to China's broader efforts to steal American intellectual property ,

This topic is being discussed in trade talks between Washington and Beijing, Pompeo added.

"It's one of the issues being discussed in these trade negotiations, the stealing of American intellectual property is big business, hundreds of billions of dollars, and President Trump is determined to oppose it," he said.

Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary, said Friday that the last round of US-China trade talks is over, noting that the two sides had made "progress," but "significant work remains."

A US official told CNN They were reluctant to interpret the exact meaning of Pompeo's comments, saying only that the quote "speaks for itself".

While the investigators have not presented conclusive evidence suggesting a connection with Chinese espionage, the infringement has shown long concern over the safety of Mar-a-Lago.

Mar-a-Lago allows members, guests and people to attend events in the club to enter and move, even if Trump makes frequent visits to the club.

  Trump says he is not worried & # 39; with security breach at Mar-a-Lago, identified as FBI

The uniqueness of the President doing official business in the semi-public space – and not in the White House or at retreats preferred by previous presidents – was more international Significance Just a few days of working time when he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe responded in real-time to a rocket launch in North Korea.

Later that same year, Trump received Chinese President Xi Jinping in March. Lago, when the United States bombed Syria, and the two world leaders ate the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen," as Trump put it.

China's potential interest in Mar-a-Lago has aroused special scrutiny. Top Congressional Democrats demanded a fresh FBI investigation into a Florida woman's obvious connection to Trump over whether Cindy Yang had been trying to illegally use her relationship with the President by selling access to Chinese customers.

Zhang was charged with false statements about becoming a federal official and enters a restricted area on Monday. A hearing in custody is scheduled for Monday and an indictment against April 15.

CNN received sound from the hearing on Monday, where Zhang could hear broken English and asked for the help of a translator. The charges against her were read out and she said she could face up to six years in prison.

A public prosecutor's office described Zhang as an "extreme danger of flight," saying she had no connections with the US or the Mar-a-Lago area showed the audio. A prosecutor also said that the Chinese Consulate had been made aware of Zhang's arrest on the day it happened.

"The People's Republic of China is aware of the fact that she was arrested," said US Assistant Attorney John McMillan.

Eli Watkins and Evan Perez of CNN contributed to this report.

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