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16-year-old musician dies after physical education at the Espinho Society

Wesley Carvalhal, a young musician, 16 years old, died of cardiac arrest during a high school at the Manuel Laranjeira elementary and middle school in Espinho.

"It's a dramatic situation for the school and especially for the family, no one has waited, we are all experiencing a very painful moment," said Gabriela Moreira, school director Wednesday, around 17:30, when the boy was playing football played. The colleagues experienced moments of panic without being able to save their friend. Wesley Carvalhal became lifeless in the field and came to a cardiac arrest.

The INEM team also performed resuscitation maneuvers for about 20 minutes. The young man was taken to the hospital of S. João in Porto, where he was finally pronounced dead.

The young man was a grade 1

1 student and attended the professional music school of Espinho. He was also part of the music band Castro D & Aire Volunteer Firefighters.
Adoption family
Wesley Carvalhal and two younger sisters were adopted by their parents in Brazil. The couple lost an eleven-year-old biological child in an accident about 15 years ago. They therefore decided to adopt the three brothers so they would not be separated.

Musicians and athletes
The 16-year-old young man played the flute in the band of volunteer firefighters from Castro D & Aire. Wesley Carvalhal represented elementary and secondary school about a week ago. Manuel Laranjeira in a cross-country trial.

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