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After 13 miscarriages, the couple welcomes a small miracle

Nine of Laura Worsley's pregnancies ended in the first trimester, but also lost two boys at 17 and 20 weeks. After consulting with a specialist, Professor Siobhan Quenby noted that the woman suffered from two conditions that prevented her from giving birth to children.

Laura and her husband Dave from Kenilworth, UK, were able to get pregnant for the 14th time with help from Professor Siobhan and her team and to welcome the world to a daughter, Ivy.

"Until now, nine months later, I still can not believe that she really is mine," said the 35-year-old woman to the BBC. In 2008, the couple suffered the first miscarriage and when this one Third time, they realized that something wrong happened. The doctors advised us to continue the trial, but after the fourth pregnancy they were unsuccessfully referred to the specialist at the Biomedical Research Unit at Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital.

The team finally discovered that Laura's anti-phospholipid antibodies consist of a chronic disease in which the body begins to produce antibodies that affect blood clotting and lead to the formation of blood clots. One of the consequences is a spontaneous abortion.

"We were told that a high dose of folic acid could solve the problem, but that was not the case," said the woman, whose pregnancies continued after that, with no more than a few weeks of progress. "They told us to be part of a study group, do all the tests, and try different medications to make it work."

Two of the following pregnancies were outside the 1

2 weeks, but they eventually lost both boys in 2015 and 2017. "I do not know how I managed to act honestly," he admitted, noting that it was all was what he lived for. "I've lost years of my life, I just thought, if I can not have a baby, I can not figure out what my life is for," Laura admitted also chronic interleukin with an overweight of histiocytes, which makes the body refuse a pregnancy. "I've had my placenta die in parts," he said. "I was not sure I wanted to try again, but Professor Quenby said she had helped such women successfully," Laura added, "if there was hope, I had to try again." [19659003] After the medications have been reported and can not be believed to lead to pregnancy, the couple managed to receive naturally for the 14th time. After 30 weeks Ivy was delivered by Caesarean section and went immediately to the newborn care, but soon realized that she was a fighter. After eleven weeks in the hospital, the girl was finally released and was able to go home.

Ivy is now nine months old and her mother's case is cited as a role model for women worldwide. Her condition can also lead to successful pregnancies.

"I look at her and think that 'miracles happen & # 39 ;," said Laura. "I had read about the wonders of others, now I have mine."

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