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Apple decides to ban “Fortnite” from the App Store

A Apple decided to ban online games. ‘Fourteen days‘after Epic Games implemented a system that allowed players to make in-game purchases while avoiding fees charged by the App Store.

“Epic Games took the unfortunate step of injury Guidelines from the App Store which are applied to all developers and created to ensure safe storage for our users. As a result, the ‘Fourteen days“was removed from the store,”

; said the Apple statement. It also explains that Epic Games “active Features in your app that have not been reviewed or approved by Apple ”, a action what was done with the express intention of harming Guidelines from the App Store “.

Apple adds that it “will endeavor to work with Epic Games to fix these violations,” but so far Video gamesIt seems the company is ready to take the situation further.

The Verge says Epic Games sued Apple for deciding to remove him.Fourteen days‘from his online shop, which accuses’ Empresa da Maça’ of “unfair and anti-competitive practices” and “monopoly power in the distribution market of” Apps No iOS”.

“In other words, developers of Apps are forced to use purchases within Apps [com taxas aplicáveis] Due to a desire to use the App Store, it can be read in the Epic Games process where the company says it continues to suffer irreparable harm.

The case is now under review by the California court where the case was filed. Note that whoever ‘Fourteen days‘installed no iOS will still be able to play and even shop. However, the app cannot currently be downloaded from the App Store.

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