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According to study – Executive Digest, the packaging of fast food giants contains “eternal” toxic chemicals

One type of toxic chemical that has been linked to cancer has been found in some packaging from fast-food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King, as well as in trendy salad chains like Sweetgreen and Cava. This discovery comes from a study by the environmental group Ecology Center from the “Mind the Store” and “Toxic-Free Future” campaigns cited by Business …

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Pedro Soá criticizes the production of ‘Big Brother’ and the competition – a boil

Pedro Soá was present this morning, August 6th ‘Extra’ do ‘Big Brother’ and during the afternoon he used social networks to sharply criticize the production and some of the reality show’s competitors TVI. “Ready for the Show”, wrote in the caption of the photo he was next to Daniel Monteiro e Pedro Alves. In the comments section of the publication, …

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Daughter seeks missing father in Braga

The Portuguese Nurses Union (SEP) today placed 168 balloons at the entrance to Braga Hospital to protest the alleged “exploitation” of the same number of professionals working there. Nelson Pinto, director of SEP, told Lusa that there are 168 nurses involved, who will receive 1,060 euros instead of the 1,201 “legally provided”. “They are nurses who were already in the …

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The blood test allows the diagnosis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – health

A methodology developed by Brazilian researchers allows diagnosis using a single one Investigation of blood, two psychiatric disorders with similar symptoms: schizophrenia it is that bipolar disorder. Currently, the diagnosis of these disorders is based on the clinical analysis. However, the process can take years and is highly subjective because it depends on the psychiatrist’s eyes and also on the …

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Cristina Ferreira responds to criticism after joining TVI – a Boil

Cristina Ferreira gave an interview in his own magazine that was for newspaper kiosks this Friday. The presenter raised her departure for TVI and criticized those they accused of being “ambitious, profitable, sedentary and treacherous power”. In a text she wrote herself, the new director of entertainment and fiction at Queluz de Baixo revealed that she has left SIC “because …

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SIC Notícias | Rui Pinto is published

Rui Pinto, creator of the Football Leaks website, who was under house arrest, will be released this Friday with the obligation to give weekly presentations to the judicial police (PJ). O “hacker” was in preventive detention from March 22, 2019 to April 8 of this yearOn the day he was placed under house arrest, but in apartments provided by the …

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